Saturday, 23 June 2007

OMG! I'm allergic to chocolate!

I've come down with a contact dermatitis and hives today and the only thing we can trace it to is a block of cadbury triple decker rasperry chocolate I got from Red Dot yesterday.
I know most of you will have already seen my posts on the various forums I visit but honestly... it makes you wonder what the hell they're putting in the chocolate or on the paper. I mean the first rash showed up where I held the chocolate in my hand.
So I hope it's only that chocolate and not all chocolate... what a horror story that would be!

And so, because my hands are sore there's been no scrapping done today. I got the ATC's done for the swap on the Boxx finished and that's it. The kit for the Boxx BOM is still sitting on my desk with the photo I took today.
So hopefully the hands are going to be all better for me to scrap tomorrow.

Mum rang me tonight and currently they're in Tenant Creek, heading to Mt Isa... watch out Tatum, they're heading your way. lol. From there they're heading up to Normanton and to Cairns.
Trying to find somewhere warm Mum said. I wish them luck.
They're currently travelling around Australia and are going where the winds take them basically. I wish them all the best, they so deserve it. They've worked hard all their lives, so it's a wonderful treat for them.

So that's about it... no scrapping, sore hands, cold weather and Kristofer's been sick today too with a vomiting bug.... all fun and games... NOT!

Hope you all have a good weekend and hopefully there's some scrapping happening tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OMFG Toni!! What a nightmare. I do hope you have just had a reaction to the raspberry and not the actual chocolate. Perhaps you should report it to Cadbury just in case it was a bad batch and they need to recall it. Did the chocolate taste ok? Maybe they put too much flavouring or colouring in it...hmmmmm. Not good though and I hope you are feeling better already.
I hope Kristofer is feeling better too...poor little guy. There's nothing worse than a sick child. Stomach bugs really are miserble and I can imagine the last thing you are wanting to do is clean up vomit when you have sore hands *sigh* (((((((huggles)))))) to you and I hope tomorrow is a better day.
Take care

Leanne said...

Oh no!! If I was allergic to chocolate I think I would just die!!!!! I cannot survive with at least one choccy a day.Anyway I hope your rash has gone. Stay warm
Love Leanne