Friday, 8 June 2007

I've joined the trend...

I've finally joined the Blogging trend.... still not sure why but there you go.

One of the main reasons I've done this is to share my work with everyone. Currently I am a member of 4 different scrapbooking forums, and sometimes when I do a challenge for one site I'm not sure about displaying it in other galleries, even though I love to share the pages I do. For some reason it just doesn't seem to be right.

And now I've been accepted as a Design Team member for Really Just Ribbons. I felt I needed to start my own blog to share my creations for my friends from the different sites I visit to view my layouts.

Some people have asked me whose Design Team I'm now on (did ya see... Really Just Ribbons), but I don't want to offend anyone on the various other sites I have visited for many years. I have got too much over the years from them to want to offend anyone. So I've decided a Blog would be the easiest way to go. And there you go... that's why I've joined the trend.

So what will I be putting on my blog....

My layouts definately... well the ones I really like anyway! And really anything to do with scrapping.

Occasionally I might post something about my private life, but at this stage I'm not really sure about posting these things for the whole world (as it were) to see, but as I gain confidence in the whole blogging thing, that might change.

So I guess that's it... Please bear with me as I discover the world of blogging......


Janine said...

YAY- you have finally given in and joined the blogging craze!!! Watch out- it can become addictive- LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs.

I will look forward to seeing some of your new creations here, especially the ones you make for your DT position.

Have a great week end and keep smiling. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

kylie said...

Well done Toni
I look forward to seeing your creations & DT work
Have fun
Kylie (scrapboxx)

gailw said...

Hi Toni *waving* glad you joined the world of blogging....

Can i add u to my blog????


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being able to fuel your ribbon addiction. Will be wonderful to keep up with all your wonderful inspiriational Lay Outs.

deirdre said...

Good girl ;)

Cant wait to see all your stuff here ;)
Need any help figuring anything out, PM me or drop me an email :)

Karen said...

YAY! You have joined the rest of us nutters...hehe JOKES!

Glad to see the blog up and running... will add you to my bloglist!


Karen (Karooch) said...

Congratulations Toni. Once you work out what you want from your blog and how you're going to achieve it you'll become hooked. I started 18 months ago with no real notion of what i wanted to do.I'm not someone who is into running a public diary unless there are events that I can make interesting (I hope) articles out of. But over the months I've found a 'magazine' style works best for me. Sounds like you might be similar. Pop over and have a look and let me know what you think.

Bec said...

*Hugz* hun! Woohoo!!! Am thrilled you now have your very own blog! Much easier to keep a track of what you're up to! LOL

Will add your blog addy to my blog soon.
Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

oohoo!!!! About time you starting blogging Toni! I'm sure it won't take you long to realise that your blog is a great way to "get things off your chest" so to speak, as well as displaying all your scrapping achievements.
I thought that the DT you got onto was Really just ribbons as it's the only online store I've ever visited that sell ribbon. PMSLOL!! WTG you must be so thrilled *big grin*
Take care and I'll be adding you to my links list ;)

Jenny Boyd said...

Ahhhh! Welcome to the land of blogging Toni! I have to agree with the other ladies here- it is a tad addictive, but then so is scrapping and look at the great stuff you can do there!!

Mistra said...

Welcome to the blog world Toni! It's got it's good and bad points... take from it the good and enjoy yourself! Will be great to pop in and see your work in the one place!

Big congrats on your DT possi... you'll have a blast!!

Lara said...

Well, I can't wait to see your layouts!