Monday, 27 April 2009

Life goes on...

And there's not much you can do about things sometimes.
Things have begun to settle down, the girls and boys are all settling in as well...
School holidays are nearly over (thank God!)and the kids will be back at school on Wednesday. So what have we had over the last 2 weeks... we've started a reward system for the kids with pocket money at the end of the week depending on their behaviour and also a new roster of jobs which the kids are all very happy with as they are all helping to cook and clean.

But they've also been doing some scrapbooking and card making. Well that's actually kept all five of them busy for the last 2 days! lol

And I've even managed to get some scrapping done with the blind challenges over at S4L this weekend...

And I managed to do a couple of other layouts too....

And another 2, but I can't share them yet....

But that's all from me at the moment, just a short share.... but remember to have a good week and give your kids a hug and tell you you love them!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Life Sux!

Did you know that....?
Just when you think you're on track and life is good... it throws you a curve ball...!

In our case just about the biggest curve ball anyone could get. My lovely SIL passed away 2 weeks ago now... March 23, 2009. Suddenly... no warning... talk about shock.

But she left behind 2 beautiful little girls.... these 2 girls are now in dh's and my care, well at least until the end of the year, as their father passed away several years ago.

There's been a lot of rearranging of the house, our lives... and generally just getting our heads around things. But the most important thing for dh and I atm is the kids, our nieces and our sons as we all come to terms with what has happened.

So therefore no scrapping lately. I'm hoping things can settle down... at least for a little while!