Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I know I've been a bad blogger, but life has held me hostage!
There's been all these good intentions, but something always got in the way.
So hopefully now that Christmas is done and dusted for another year I can get back on track.

Now I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...

Have to admit, even though it's a lot of work, ours went well too and I've come out of it with some great stories...

The first starts Christmas Eve with 2 little boys (well I guess they're not quite so little any more), going to bed at 8.30pm.
At 10.30 one was still awake.... at 11 I figured they'd fallen asleep... wrong!
Santa filled their stockings and returned them to their rooms, and covered the youngest up with a blanket. With that he woke up. Now I'm sure he would have gone back to sleep again, except DS2 was still awake and as soon as he though Santa had left the rooms, he got up...
Ahhh... but Santa was watching... and the proceeded to remove the stockings and place them in their sleeping older brother's room, who would never wake up!
And they were informed there were no new presents under the tree...

So Santa left, but no, he wasn't fooled.... he turned out all the lights and went and sat in the lounge room where the Christmas tree was...
Not long after the youngest tiptoed out to check what was under the tree.... and Santa saw him and told him to go to bed.
Well now this Santa prepared for bed and all lights were turned off, but unknown to the youngest this Santa snuck into the lounge room and sat in the corner. Lo and behold 15 minutes later, and little boy with a torch tiptoed out to check out the tree and the next minute a voice from the darkness says "Would you like me to turn on the light so you can check there's no presents under the tree?"
And the little boy bolted back to his bed.... lol

This Santa knows these little boys and Santa's present wasn't anywhere near the tree... lol

But honestly, mum got up at 1.30am and the youngest was still up, watching a movie in his room... and then he was up at 6am!!!!!! So I have no idea how much sleep he got that night.

But the fun of Christmas didn't end there....
Of course after Christmas lunch with the family, we retired to the front yard for the annual game of cricket....
After lots of rule changes, cheating, head hunting, a lot of fun was had!
But, of course there's a but... in the middle of the afternoon a cricket bat went flying, and of course it hit my car....No broken windows... but there is now a nice little dent in the bonnet compliments of DS2.
DH was NOT happy, but as I explained to him, if it had been one of the guests he wouldn've worried about it, and at least it was one of the guests cars, or one of the windows of the house!

So yes, this Christmas has been very memorable...
the kids were ecstatic with their presents (with one jumping into my arms he was so happy!)
and I've been left with a couple of good stories to scrapbook!

And now I'm going to get back on track, I'll be back later with my kaisercraft projects from this month that I've been very slack on sharing....

I hope you've all had as much fun as I have this Christmas!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Madam Boutique

Thought I'd better drop in and share my projects for Madame Boutique...

This is a gorgeous vintage range, what works perfectly for a lot of projects.

Being such a heritage range, I really couldn't resist scrapbooking a photo of my Grandmother.
And here are some details...

I've teamed the papers with the new diecut Collectables and then added some of the roses and crochet flowers. Really Kaisercraft produce everything you could possibly want to create a layout like this!

My other project is a heritage box. This was an old tea box a friend sent me quite a while ago. I've created mini albums to go in the box that will hold details of dh's and my family trees as a permanent record for the kids.

Now those of you who went to Hyden, might have seen me playing with this box, trying to get a crackle finish. Well, let me just say the crackle finish just would not work for me... and neither did the paint!
So as a solution, I covered the sides with texture paste so I had a lovely textured finish, and added vine detail to the corners. Truely I love the way it turned out.

The albums have all been made of chipboard, and the divider pages will be printed out on the computer so I can add them to the book.

It's been a busy month for me this month, so hopefully I will be back soon with a few more shares and hopefully a tutorial!
Have a great weekend...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Melody

This month Kaiser has brought out a third range... just papers and stickers, and even though at first look they are Christmas themed, the possibilities really are endless.

For example, I used the music notes side of the papers and created a mini album that is attached to a CD to showcase all of my favourite music.

This type of thing happens when you start sorting out your iPod playlist for your favourites... there's over a 1000 songs on my favourites list, so that got me to wondering which songs were special to me. Even then I found it very hard to narrow it down which means that there'll be more than 1 CD in the case... lol

But onto the album...

and the inside...

Why not duck over to the Kaisercraft blog and check out what the other girls have made!

Friday, 4 November 2011


I can say it's been a very very busy couple of weeks!

Kaiser projects... work... the internet going down... and to top it off I got the flu!

But here I am to share my projects for this month for one of the new ranges at Kaisercraft... Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

This really is a fun range, great for lots of different things, especially farm projects and also layouts on our furry friends like I did!

This first layout is of Jonathan with mum and dad's old blue heeler Radar! I've had these photos sitting here for ages and these papers were perfect!

And with their new ranges, Kaiser have released diecuts. These are great value and are so easy to work with too! I couldn't resist using them on this page of Sally.

And for my off-the-page project with this range I decided to have some fun and create a 3D picture with papers and diecuts.

The diecuts are so cute it makes it so easy to create this bit of artwork!

I'll be back this weekend to share my Madame Boutique projects and also Merry Melody!

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I fell in love with this range as soon as I received it. It is just so soft and pretty and I just wanted to keep playing with it once I started!

So of course, I made something for myself for my new scrap room!

This is a tissue box cover that has been sitting here waiting for altering for quite a while (I won't exactly say how long! lol) and this range was just perfect for it.

and detail pics... of course!

I repurposed a keyring given to me of the Eiffel Tower and have used it on here. Matched the papers perfectly I think and it's a great way to re-use something.

I think these papers are going to make their way into my all-time favourite paper range!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Haunted House...

Gotta share this...

I so totally love this. It is one of my most favourite projects ever and it was so much fun to make....

The size of this house was all determined by the gates so it's actually larger than the seasons music box houses I made.

And yes, of course there are detail pics... lots of them!

Everything bar the fence and gate and bats have been made from scratch. It really was a lot of fun working out how to get that real haunted house look.
Though my oldest ds doesn't think it's haunted enough... teens!

What do you think????

Monday, 24 October 2011


I had an absolutely awesome time in Hyden!!!!

It was fantastic to get away and teaching wasn't quite as scary as I thought. I'm still not a public speaker though... I do so much better in just small groups... very very small groups...

I did take the camera... but only took a couple of photos... am I bad or what!!!!

So here we go...

The Fabulous Karen...

Thank you Karen for such an awesome weekend!!!

The hall where we spent the weekend scrapping...

I did a couple of the classes with Mistra...

Mistra is an awesome scrapper... so talented and such a lovely lady. It was great catching up again Mistra!

My scrapping buddies... Margaret

and Gail (who dobbed me in for teaching!)

(btw Gail... I haven't forgotten...keep watching over your shoulder... lol)

I really must say a heartfelt thank you to Karen. It really was one of the best weekends I've ever had.
And I have to thank all of the girls who did my classes... you were an awesome bunch and I loved teaching you. Thank you for taking it easy on me...
I'm no longer a teaching virgin! lol

When I get time to scratch myself I will take pics of the 2 layouts I did in Mistra's classes.
Otherwise I'm flat out with DT work, but will be back to share the last of my October projects for Kaiser!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blogging week...

If you haven't been to see yet, I'm on the blogging roster this week for Kaisercraft.
I can share my layouts, but if you want to see more (and I suggest you do!) head over to the Kaisercraft blog.
There's some amazing work there by the rest of the girls...

So onto Bonjour... this has to be one of my all time favourite ranges... it's just so gorgeous!

I did this layout of my niece with a photo taken on her birthday when she was staying with us. She's turning into such a lovely young lady.

And here are some detail shots...

And spooky 13th Hour...
This range is sort of Halloween, but not really. There's a lot of layouts that can be done from this range, especially for boys!!!!

So first up we have the Harry Potter layout, from when I took the boys to the last Harry Potter movie!

And my teenage boy layout... well he's not really a teenager, but close enough! And he certainly looks like one!

Definately some versatile and yummy ranges! But if you want to see more you will have to head to the Kaisercraft blog as I'm off to retreat tomorrow so won't be able to share my cards or otp until next week... trust me... you want to see the otp!!!
So happy with the way they came out....

I'm off to do some packing... have a great weekend!