Saturday, 23 October 2010

Childhood memories

I've been working on a little project this week... my childhood album!
I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to do... a tin and digital which I started but they really didn't appeal to me as I wanted something to display properly.

So now I've made my own album up this week to hold 8x8 layouts. The paper has been chosen... basic grey bittersweet. I've had a 6x6 pad sitting here for ages so it's time I used it! I will also be using a little porcelain and urban prairie too...

But the cover of the album is now done. I've made it from scratch using chipboard and a d-ring centre I got from a file that was broken.
The binding is chipboard that I curved by dampening it and rolling it around a rolling pin... who said a rolling pin is only for cooking!!!

and I made the charms for the spine today ... the first time I've made them.

Here is the front cover..

And the detail pics....

The inside, minus pages (which i haven't done yet! all in good time.. lol)

So tell me what you think... I would love to know!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Proud of my boys!

The boys did well at the show with their photos.
DS1 got a first and 2 seconds and he also picked up overall third out of all the photos in his age group. Very proud of him.
And DS3 got a first with one of his photos.
Although DS2 never got any placings I'm still proud of him of having a go.

I ended up with a first and a second for my roses, which I'm really happy about. Especially considering a storm came in 4am of the day I was going to pick the roses for the show.
And again I did well with my scrapping... 4 firsts, 6 seconds and 3 thirds and Most Points. Really happy with it.

So here are the layouts I promised last week that I did for the 8x8 mini album. The album got a first in it's section.

And this weekend was also a cybercrop over at Chookscraps.
I've managed to get 3 of the challenges done, but only taken pics of 2 of them as it's now too dark.
Here are the layouts for challenges 1 and 2.

If you have time got check out the challenges... great for keeping you on your toes!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

It's been a busy busy week...

Mum and Dad have been down so it's been absolutely great catching up with them.
Work has been work and with 1 away it's been full on with our biggest features of course!
The Esperance show is this coming Friday and Saturday so I've been working out my entries and getting the entry form in. Now I just have to pick up the tickets and get them organised. And of course the kids decided Friday they wanted to enter some things, so it was getting photos taken, and they want to do some cooking so it's gingerbread tomorrow night and muffins tuesday night made with supervision...
I'm also doing some more layouts for a mini album I'm entering, though it doesn't really matter if I get them done or not. It's a constant work in progress.

So today with mum and dad heading home I decided on some well earned scrapping time.
I managed to get 3 layouts done for some challenges at chookscraps...

and also managed some layouts for said mini album but I haven't taken any photos of them yet. You will have to wait till next week.

But tonight I took DS1 out to take some night photos.
We took some pics of the jetty and the port. Here is one of the nicest ones I took of the jetty and the lights. It was a beautiful night, so still.... but you can keep the mozzies!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Just the normal... work and housework!
I've managed to finish sorting out my scrap stuff and labelled everything so really there's no excuse not to scrap... well except for the online books I've been reading. I have discovered an eReader I want from Kobo... just have to wait until the wireless version is available in Australia and convince dh how much I need one! lol... hopefully for Christmas.

But today I got some scrapping done...

Worked on a "to do" book to write scrapping challenges in and decided to redo the pencil holder to match.

The bird on there is one I made when I was playing with some texture paste. I spread it on acrylic so i could remove it when dry, then sprayed it with Tattered Leather Gllimmermist and Adirondack colourwash (cranberry. Loving the way the colours came out!
I've just been waiting to use it on something and this was perfect!

I've also rejoined Chook Scraps so today I decided to do one of their sketch challenges.

I think I need some encouragement to get started scrapping layouts and challenges seem to be the thing I need to get started.

Don't forget to check out the post below and let me know what you think about the photos... I'm really not sure, but will have to decide in the next couple of weeks!