Sunday, 4 November 2012

Very Proud!

Of my boy that is...
He is part of the Esperance Junior Fire Brigade team that won the Sports Team of the Year for 2012 at the Esperance Sports Star Awards last night!

This is a photo of the members of the No1 4 man team that were tops.
They managed a State Championship, winning all of the zone championships, and getting 7th overall in a competition in Victoria.
Nicholas and one of the other boys got a State Record, as well as being second in the state in senior competition in the same event.
They put the work in and well deserve this win!
Congratulations boys....

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heritage mini album

This mini album has been on the cards for a long time now.
Several years ago while in Perth, I photographed an old journal that Mum and Dad have written by my grandmother when on a trip around Australia in 1965.
I had always planned on transcribing the journal and making it into a mini album and finally I found the mojo to actually do it.
And when I went through all of the old slides I had scanned, I managed to match up some of the photos to the journal.

Would you believe I couldn't get hold of a fence line so I had to create my own using chipboard. The title itself came from the one written by my grandmother at the start of the journal.

The inside pages have all been created using white bazzil, stained with a weak solution of coffee, then I used a stronger mix to create drips and cup rings. I love the effect that has been created and works so well with this album.
Once the pages had dried I then printed out the transcript of the journal on them, and added pieces from the journal (the photographed ones).

The journal was never finished, ending while they were in the Northern Territory. I printed out a map of Australia and traced the route they took on it, up to where the journal itself ends.

I'm just amazed that they travelled all that way on gravel roads in a Ford Customline, camping on the side of the road. Reading it, gave me an insight into all we take for granted these days.

Oh, and this album was Champion Exhibit at the show too...