Sunday, 28 December 2014

And another year winds down....

Can someone tell me what happened to 2014 as I really have no idea.
It still feels like it's January, let alone a full year gone past.

Reflecting on 2014 though, it's been a very big year! Looking back I think I need to try to acquire a few more time management skills... for some reason there hasn't been time for a lot of things I'd like to do and I really don't think things are going to slow down much more in 2015. I think this is the new normal (not that there has anything being remotely normal here!)

So in summary of this past year....

• Work has taken off with flying colours, whether my new graphic design business or barista at McDonalds! I'm loving it, and even though I know why I didn't do it all before, I still wonder how I managed to hang on so long at the Express. The stress is so much less, even though I do have some tight deadlines sometimes. I've met some really wonderful people working at Macca's and even though you get some less than polite people, the majority really are great!

• Of course hockey has played a big part - Nicholas was selected in the WA State Country side that played in Queensland. Tshumba's (Nicholas) and Cascade (Kristofer) played in the Men's senior grand final here in Esperance with Cascade coming out winners of a very 'rough' game - I've actually never seen one so bad here! Kristofer and Jonathan both played in Bunbury and Narrogin carnivals, and were playing 2-3 games each week from juniors, U17s and seniors. And, of course, Nicholas came home at the end of the season with the Highest Goal scorer trophy!

• For the fourth year running, Nicholas was nominated for Esperance Sports Star of the Year Award. The luck must have been in this year as finally he won! Very proud moment and I will always keep the articles as he actually thanked his parents for their support - I have it in writing!

• Kristofer started high school - found all about being in a big school. We've had some trouble getting him to actually knuckle down and do the work, but I think we might have got somewhere by the end of the year. He's also started his first job at Macca's and absolutely loves it - not sure if that's the job or the fact he's earning some money but he's learning about responsibility!

• Jonathan spent his last year in primary school as Head Boy - from all reports he conducted himself very well and they've all told us how sad they are that he's going. At the graduation awards he came home with the Leadership Award. Yes all the boys are now finished at primary school and are all growing up!!!

• Nicholas finally got his driver's licence and with a girlfriend (Liv) he's never home! I think he's found his freedom.

Well that's 2014 in a nutshell... 2015 is looming and looks like it's going to be even busier than 2014!
Already we have Nicholas heading off to uni, Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary and a wedding to attend in Northam - all before March!
Let's throw in a holiday somewhere and work and I'm certain we're going to be busy little Vegemites!

So here's to a New Year, may it be busy, but hopefully plenty of time for creating!!!