Wednesday, 26 September 2007

We're all going....

... on a summer holiday.... yeh ok... it's spring not summer....

no more working for a week or two.... after today....WOOHOO!!!!!

and I can't remember the rest of the song... lol

So take it easy... relax and enjoy life cause that's what I'm gunna do....

see you in a couple of weeks.....


Sunday, 23 September 2007

Yeh I'm slack...

but you get that.... but yes I have been one busy little vegemite.... honest!

Getting everything ready and packed for our holiday, work, home and all the general other things has meant that I have barely stopped. But I guess that's life.

I have managed to get some scrapping done... not much but some. I've started the journal for the lessons/challenges from Nic Howard's new book, so thought I would share that.

I've had this 7 Gypsies gate fold album here for about 2 years now and have finally found a use for it.

This is the cover. Kept it simple and it does look good irl...

And I've done 2 pages in it.

Nic's first lesson/challenge was to record the daily conversations around us and then scrap them. This one is about Kristofer's comments when he opened the card from his Nanna and Grandad for his birthday... 20 bucks....

I have a few more conversations to scrap too.... lol .... so watch out for them!

This is the 2nd lesson from the book. Scrap a daily routine... something that will probably change in the future.
So I scrapped something new in the house and that is The Bead System we've started with the boys.
Even though I've copped a bit of shit over it from people... commenting on how that's what the Indians got, etc, etc... it has actually worked a treat with the boys.
Suddenly I've gone from screaming and yelling every day to get the kids to sleep, or cleaning up their rooms, or even drying the dishes... to boys who are helping out at the drop of a hat, dry the dishes, go to sleep when they go to bed, are no longer arguing, etc, etc.
Ok... so it's probably not for everyone... but it has worked miracles in this house. Not even Danny can believe how well it's worked.
But here is the page.

And this one opens which explains the rules of the beads and how we started and what caused me to start it and the effect it's had.

Oh, how's this for cute... Just tucked the boys into bed, and Jonathan has tied a rope around Digby (his toy dog) and then looped it over a clamp Danny has holding the glue on the door together, and he said....
"There's a reason I've done that. In the middle of the night Digby gets scared of the dark and runs away and I can't find him. So I've tied him up.... "
Poor Digby. I will take a photo once the kids have gone to sleep. lol
Have to remember this one for the journal!

Went to the Scrap n Chat this arvo... got 4 layouts done which I'm really really happy with. Won't upload today because I still have the journalling to do on some of them.
It really is great to do nothing but sit and scrap for 4 hours with the girls.
No interruptions ... no Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
So thanks girls for the fun....

That's about it from me today. Have yourselves a great week and if I don't post again before I go on Holidays... think of me won't you... working hard relaxing on the beach doing nothing... lol.....
honest... cause that's what I'll be doing....

And don't forget to look for those magic moments... cause honest... they're there!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

A Happy Place

I've found my happy place...
I've just realised this over the last few days. There's very little stress on me at the moment and it's all good.
Since we started the bead system with the kids they have been really good. They help to clean up and do little jobs around the house, they go to bed without playing up and we've had very few arguments over things. It's all good.

And after the refinancing, all the bills are paid, and we're actually full up-to-date with everything and planning a week's holiday in Port Denison. The first real holiday we've had for over 12 years.

So yeh... it's all good.

And I got totally spoilt for my birthday.

This arrived the day before my birthday from the gorgeous Bec... thank you so very much... I am so totally in awe of your present....

Isn't it just beautiful... thank you thank you thank you Bec mwah... mwah...mwah....

And my darling husband bought me this for my birthday... my very own MP3 player... and it's pink! woohoo

So I've spent all day uploading my songs to it. So far I'm up to 42 albums and it's not even half full... maybe I should've got the 30 gig one not the 4 gig one... lol
Gawd... what would I do with 30 gig if I can't fill 4! I only have about another 15 albums to go on to it so I'll have plenty of room left over.

So what else has been happening....

Tess came over yesterday afternoon and we scrapped... was absolutely great fun and we have to do it again! And Tess spoilt me for my birthday too... she gave me a lolly bag... yum yum and a bag full of ribbon... yum yum... she knows my weakness! lol

I worked on a kit from Maria for a bag. Gave me a few headaches I can tell you, but I love the way it came out.
Here's the result.

And today I've been working on the lessons from the Nic Howard book. I will upload them another time. I shouted myself the book for my birthday... lol bad aren't I.

So that's really about it for me today. Lots to do still... more cd's to upload and there's a cj sitting on my desk which I have to do before we go away.

So don't forget to look for the magic moment in your day tomorrow...

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Happy birthday Kristofer

Yes, it's birthday time again...
Kristofer is now 7... the time that he and Jonathan are the same age each year is over with.... 3 weeks... oh well.

But it was a very quiet day for all of us.... Kristofer was really happy with his present.... he got a Cars tracksuit and pyjamas, the same as Jonathan. Now they'll really look like twins. And he got 2 workbooks for school on readying and phonics, a notebook I decorated for him and he got a Spiderman which in his words was cooooool.... he also got a hat I found for him... and on that was "I didn't do it!"... yes Kristofer all over.
And his favourite present... $20 bucks from Nanna... wow... 20 bucks... he said... lol

So here's the photo share... just 2 but...

But I think what he really need for his birthday was his 2 front teeth!

So that's about it here in this neck of the woods... so that's the end of the birthday's in here for another year. Next one is June for Nicholas'....

I haven't done much scrapping this week, I've been playing around baking cakes.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Jenny's little boy today.. I can't remember how hold he is but I hope he had a great day too Jenny.

So have yourselves a wonderful weekend won't you.

oh... and if you want to know why we haven't had celebrated my birthday this year...well I don't have one any more.... not since Kristofer inherited it from me 7 years ago
so I am forever 32!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Toothless and a fleabitten rabbit

"But Mum I'm not fleabitten" says Jonathan "I'm just a rabbit!"
But that's what he looks like after he decided to cut his own hair... lol
What do you think? Oh and the back looks the same as front.... and I have no idea how he managed to get enough hair in the scissors to actually cut it...

And rabbit? He's always been called rabbit... right from when he was a newborn baby because he always looked like a skinned rabbit, skinny with big sad eyes.. lol

And Kristofer... our toothless one... lol... who lost his other front tooth at school and he doesn't even know when or where...
But I do love this photo...

And not to be outdone.. here's Nicholas on the hockey field... run mate!

But it's not a very good photo because he was on the other side of the paddock...
I still have to take his photo with his trophy.

So that's my photo share... and here's a layout to share...
This is my one for the Scrap n Crazy BOM challenge this month... What's crazy about us of course...

Thanks for looking.... have a great week won't you.

Saturday, 8 September 2007


Yes I got tagged by Jenni and have been a bit slack in getting it done.
So here we go....

1-Post these rules.

2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.

3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.

4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.

5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged*.So here are my 8 random things:

1. I'm left handed. Not a lot of people probably have realised this, and those online would have no idea... lol

2. I was born on Black Friday... September 13... so I guess that combined with being left handed would probably have lead me to be called a witch a couple of hundred years ago... any takers?

3. I have a typing speed of over 100wpm... The last typing test I did was about 10 years ago and that was 95wpm and 98% accuracy, and with the amount of typing I do my guess would be it's much faster than that now.

4. I'm a clean freak... I hate clutter and mess... it annoys the bejeezers out of me. Even now on my desk there's not much on there even though I'm in the middle of a layout. I have to put things away as soon as I've finished with them.

5. I can't be late... it's impossible for me, I freak out. Yeh weird I know... lol

Ok... now I have to tag 8 more people, but I don't know who.... tell you what... if you're reading this and you have a blog... consider yourself tagged... lol... deal?

So what else has been going on. Lots of layouts, but all secret squirrel stuff for RJR... so sorry I can't share.
I'm trying to do my BOM layout for SNC and then there's one for the Boxx. And there's another couple more challenges to do for various places. And because we're going away in 3 weeks I need to get it all done. Nothing like a bit of pressure hey?

And we're very proud of Nicholas today. He played his last game of hockey for the season today and then they had presentations. It was a very cold and very very wet game. Poor kids.
And why are we proud of Nicholas.....well he got the Coaches Award. Second year running, so we're very proud of him. He really is a good hockey player.

And that's really about it. But next time I will share a couple of photos... Jonathan's new haircut.... and Kristofer's toothless grin.
I won't tonight because I haven't downloaded the camera yet.

But I can share a layout.... This is one of the layouts I've done for the Spring Challenge over at Scrap World. I have another layout to do and a card.

Thanks for looking...

And don't forget the little things in life will you.