Sunday, 24 June 2012

Favourites and a giveaway

This will be my final post regarding Kaisercraft being my last week on the team, so I thought I would finish off with my favourite projects from the last 12 months, and a giveaway!!!
I thought I would choose one project from each month, and sometimes it was a difficult choice as Kaisercraft have come out with some beautiful ranges in the last 12 months!!!

So let's start at the beginning....

July 2011... Little Toot and Blae & Ivy - Of course I had to go with the train frame using Little Toot!!!

August 2011... Hunt & Gather and Miss Nelly - I loved this layout I created with Hunt & Gather

September 2011... Silly Season and December 25th - This layout was something special to me... recording my Christmas memories and shows that a layout doesn't necessarily have to have a photo to record the memories.

October 2011... Bonjour and 13th Hour - I have to admit, this month was hard to pick a favourite project as I absolutely adored these 2 ranges! They worked so well on so many projects, but I have to say my Haunted House came out the winner.

November 2011... Cockadoodledoo, Merry Melody and Madame Boutique - Some more good ranges, but my favourite project was this heritage box and albums using Madame Boutique.

December 2011... On the Move and Sweet Nothings - Loved loved these ranges, but honestly I couldn't go past my birdcage and I can't wait to do the matching one...

January 2012... Hummingbird and Lil Primrose - I have to say I'm not a card maker, and that hasn't changed, but I did love this card I made using Hummingbird!

February 2012... These Days and Tiny Woods - Heritage is one of my favourite layout styles and These Days is the perfect range for it... how could I pass this layout?

March 2012... Great Southern Land, Technologic and Tiger Lily - Even though my projects were done using Great Southern Land, I had a sketch that month too which I used Technologic and I have to say the layout is one my favourites!

April 2012... Charlotte's Dream and Fine & Sunny - Yet another heritage range was released this month... the soft and pretty Charlotte's Dream! Honestly I could have picked a number of projects, but this layout is one of my favourites!

May 2012... Magnolia Grove and Rock Pool - I have to say that Kaisercraft do rock the heritage ranges and Magnolia Grove is another perfect example. I loved the soft pinks and greys in this range and was perfect for an album.

 June 2012... Check In and the Lake House - Another really hard month where I loved both ranges, and found it hard to choose just 1, but honestly who could go past my Wishing Well. I have to say it is just about my favourite project from the whole 12 months... well it runs up there along with the Haunted House!

It's been a wonderful 12 months with Kaisercraft. A lot of ups and downs, stress but also absolutely wonderful times.  I honestly wouldn't change a thing!!!
Thank you so much to Kaisercraft, to Steph who was always there to answer all of our questions, and also the rest of the team... Vicki, Debbi, Michelle, Jodi, Lori, Cassie, Ann-Katrin, Pearl, Hilde, Leanne, Genevieve, Svetlana and Janna... it's been wonderful working with you and I thank you all so much for all of your support!!!
To the 2012/13 team... good luck and enjoy your time! I can't wait too see what you come up with in the next 12 months.

Now onto what you've all been waiting on... a give away!!!! lol

Thanks to Kaisercraft I have a set of background stamps to give away....
So for your chance to win, let me know in the comments on this post your favourite project before June 30, and I will draw out a name to win them!!! Good luck.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The end...

And here is my final projects!

For Check-in I did up the 3 frame set... Just because it's a travel theme paper set, doesn't mean you have to use travel photos... There's lots of options!


 Keeping the same colours throughout keeps a sense of unity in the frames. I can set these all up together, or hang them separately throughout the house!

When I saw this Wishing Well that Kaisercraft brought out I just had to have it! And The Lakehouse is the perfect paper range to use.
I went one step further with the wishing well and got dh to drill a hole in the back and it also has a music box inside.
(Warning: this is going to be very pic heavy!)

And one or 2 detail pics...

Every wishing well needs a bucket, and this one is no exception. This little bucket has been made with some scraps of chipboard and held together with some gold wire.
I haven't glued down the top so any money put into the well when a wish is made can easily be used!
I have to admit... this would be one of my favourite projects!!!!

Anyway today Kaisercraft have announced their new team for 2012-13. I wish them all luck and hope they've had as much fun as we have had.
Here's the link if you want to see you got onto their team....
 2012-13 Kaisercraft team

I still have a giveaway to do, so will be back later this week for that! Keep an eye out....

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My last cards....

Even though Check-in is primarily a travel range of papers, you can find different ways of using these papers like I have with this card.

You can always find a touch of romance in images of Paris, and the red, black and cream colour scheme!

And what a better range to make a card for your mother with the Lake House collection....
This card opens up to an open centre to leave a lovely message.

It really is a very pretty range!

I will hopefully be back tomorrow with my off the page projects for these 2 ranges, and watch out as I'm going to have a giveaway of some clear stamps from Kaisercraft soon!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The end is near...

This week see's my last week of projects for Kaisercraft!
Can I ask where the last 12 months ago as it seems like it was just yesterday I received my first box of goodies to start creating....????

But I'm here to start sharing with you my final projects, so today it's the layouts.

First up we've got The LakeHouse ... what a gorgeous range of papers!!!!
All soft pinks, purples, greys and blacks with a touch of blue!

This is a photo that I scanned from my Grandmother's collection of photos after she passed away. My aunty had sent it to her and my grandfather back in 1979, so rather than photoshop the message off the photo I've left it there. It's a permanent record of not only the date, but also who the photo is off, and who it was sent to, and also a sample of my aunt's handwriting.

And this month Kaisercraft have also released a gorgeous travel collection called Check In.
Perfect for travel photos, especially European tours, but as I don't have any of those type's of photos I've used the bright colours for this photo of Jonathan...

It is actually one of my favourite photos of Jonathan, taken when I got my first Panasonic Lumix camera!

Just because this range is geared towards travel photos, it doesn't mean that's what you have to use them for.
I mean Life is a Journey isn't it!

And that's what this last 12 months has most definately been.....