Sunday, 28 October 2007

A share...

Well this weekend I took my own advice and just enjoyed my scrapping...

I spent Saturday at a TLC scrap day and we did 2 projects... a double layout called Girlfriends (which I still have to find photos for.. lol) and a wall hanging which I also have to find photos for... lol
I think this is a problem of not having girls. But I will find something... lol

There were also a couple of cc's on this weekend... S4L held one and so did Scrapworld.
I've only managed to do the challenges from S4L, but I did enjoy them.

Here's the first... a sketch and had to use blue...

And the second challenge was a single lo...

And here was the third challenge... a double.

I enjoy doing the challenges for a cc as I tend to always use older photos that I haven't had the inspiration to scrap up until then. It doesn't matter to me if I win a challenge or not, I have another page or 2 for the boys albums and that's more important.

I also managed to get the calendar for my fil finished along with some photo cards for my parents and fil for christmas. So that's pretty much the presents I was making done now. I have to get the kids pressies and buy some others, but christmas isn't going to be a big stress for me this year.

So now I'm getting the covers done for a digi album I've done... will share that another time and I'm waiting for the pack to show from Jenny with lots of christmas goodies in it. If you're thinking of getting some christmas ribbon, go check out RJR... there's some gorgeous ribbons there and I can't wait to play with them when Aussie Post show...

So have yourselves a great week and let's hope the weather fines up everywhere...

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Enough is enough!

When is enough enough?
Those of you who know me well know that I will always stand beside my family and friends no matter what. Through thick and thin I hope I will always there.

And some of you have heard about a new aussie scrap smack blog. This blog was started with, I believe, the best of intentions. As a place to voice criticisms and legitimate complaints.

it has degenerated into a free-for-all. Anyone and everyone is fair game for abuse, criticism, innuendo and rumour, whether true or not. These comments are being posted by people hiding behind Anon.
I do not believe that this was the original intention of this blog, but if it was, then shame on you.

This blog needs to either stop these anonymous comments and come out of hiding, and run it as a place to voice genuine comments or criticism, or close this blog down completely. It should no longer be a place for people to post anonymous slanderous comments in a free-for-all.

You can flag this blog as "Containing defamatory Content" or you can go here to this site and report them with a Terms of Service violation....
The name of the blog is

Some will say I shouldn't advertise this blog, and I agree with them. But I will NOT stand by and see my friends slammed for absolutely no reason but being the people that they are. No one person is 100% good or 100% bad. We are all human with human frailties! Can you say that you are perfect? I know I can't!

I will more than likely be bagged for this, but to tell you the truth I DON'T CARE! This blog has hurt and upset some very lovely people who have had nothing to do with any of this.

I believe the scrapbooking community is a lot better than than what this blog has become. Sure I don't like people, but that is my personal opinion and not a reason to start posting nasty comments about them.

We, as a group, are more than this. I think it's time to let these people know that we are all above this type of thing.

All I ask of you is.....


I'm sure it was not for accolades, to win competitions or to be published in a magazine.

Most of us who scrapbook started this wonderful hobby as a way to remember the stories of our children so we could share them with them when they were older, to share them with other family members and with our friends.

This is why we scrapbook. It is not about anything else....

Before you post a nasty comment, think of what type of example are you setting for those beautiful children of yours that you are scrapbooking.

What legacy would you like to leave them?

Monday, 22 October 2007

uh oh... I've been slack!

But I have been one busy little vegemite!
It was back to work last Tuesday and yeh... nothing's changed there! But isn't that why I work there there... well that's what I tell myself lol....

And then I had to get all the entries done and ready for the show and drop them off and then we had the show on Friday and Saturday. Nicholas did really well... got a second with one of his photos, so was really proud of him and Kristofer and Jonathan got merit certificates for their lego.
I was happy... I got 3 firsts, 3 seconds and a third in the scrapbooking section and also won most points. I also got a first in the animal section in the photography so was really happy with that.
So overall we did really really well, and with vouchers and prize money the show nearly paid for itself.

and..................... best news of all.........................
MY NEW TOY SHOWED UP.... woohoo.....
I got a Klic-n-Kut Elements...
Oh it's just wonderful! and I've spent the rest of the week learning how to use it.... it cuts cardstock, chipboard and everything!
Take a look at this....

I cut all of this with the klic-n-kut... chipboard and all... isn't it just so gorgeous... and so very easy to do....

And then on the weekend SNC had a cybercrop on so I was busy with that too... definately more than enough to keep me out of trouble... lol
So here are a couple of the layouts I did for that

I love this pic of Jonathan taken in Port Denison.... and the flourish on the right hand of the layout has been cut on the KNK....

and this one, which is going in the zoo album. The title was cut on the KNK in one piece. Took me 5 minutes... would have taken me about 3-4 hours by hand.

and then here's this last one I will upload tonight...

These holiday units are so cute... taken in Port Denison. This title was cut on the KNK too...

So have yourselves a great week and hopefully I won't be too busy to post again soon with more layouts from the SNC cc...

Monday, 15 October 2007

Just a quick one

Here's just a quick post.
Just thought I would upload my latest creations for Jenny over at RJR.

Last month Jenny sent us some Kaiser Bling, Bella flowers and Bella Ribbon.
If you're looking for bling, flowers or ribbon I suggest you go and look at RJR because Jenny has some great bargains there.

So here's my layouts....

I love this photo of Kristofer and Jonathan... and here's some detail from the layout.

Jenny sent us white flowers and for this layout I stamped on the flower to tie it in with the blue.

And here is a card I did as well.

I hope you have a wonderful week.... for me, it's back to work tomorrow... bummer hey... but I guess I have to work to support my scrapping habit.
Catch you all later.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Guess what we've now got.....

Yes.... a brand spanking new TOYOTA LANDCRUISER!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful... and it's mine... all
DH has agreed for me to drive it and he will now take over my little Hyundai to drive around in. He doesn't want the Cruiser down the Port which I can totally understand...
So I have a brand new BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG car to drive.... did I tell you it's BIIIIIIIIIIIG........... LOL

Now we just need the bullbar for it that they sold to someone else and now can't get a replacement in Australia... how bad is that!
Danny was far from happy about it!

Oh well... back to the mundane now and a couple of layouts I did this week.
This first one is of the boys with their BIG cousin Carl... and I mean BIG! Carl is over 6 foot and has nearly always towered over me... We're going to take him off at the knees one day... lol

And this next one is for the fortnightly challenge over at SNC. Is of when I played hockey (yeh ok... 16 years ago!)and we won the premiership... we were good! lol

So that's about it. I have another That's Life layout to upload but will do later and also my layouts from the last RJR design team pack. If you want to see head on over to the RJR blog to look see...

And by the way... I have a new pressie coming soon.... I will let you know when it gets here.... how exciting......

Take care now won't you!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

I'm back.....

Well it's been a very relaxing week in Port Denison. Didn't do much beside walk along the beach, watch the kids swimming, took them fishing, watched the sun set with a drink in hand and slept every night in an airbed that kept going down... lol

Hey but the bed only ever went down half way... can you understand that? We couldn't!
But with Danny on one side of the bed and me on the other, I kept rolling down the hill cause he is heavier than me and always sunk lower in the bed... don't tell him I said that will you... lol
But after the last night I told him I was never ever ever ever sleeping on an air mattress ever ever ever again! Got that?!

But I took photos... lots and lots of photos....about 6-800... I think!
So here are a couple...

Jonathan who came to help me take photos of the sunset from the hill above our camp.

This was a sea eagle I was lucky enough to catch when I was taking photos of the sunset. He had just caught the fishing hanging from his talons. The photo isn't 100% clear but I was still lucky enough to get a photo.

And here is Nicholas with the second fish he caught... a baby pink snapper. He also caught a brim. Both were let go. Kristofer and Jonathan only got bites and weren't lucky enough to catch a fish. Maybe next time.

The boys loved exploring the rocks right up to shore in the harbour. They also swam here as it was shallow and very safe.

And what a way to finish.... such a glorious sunset!

So now we're home and I have a mountain of washing to do... and I've started spring cleaning. I've done Kristofer and Jonathan's room and their wardrobe with the new mesh cubes in there to keep it clean. Looks really nice, but I wonder how long it will last.

So I'm off to do some scrapping cause I haven't done any for 2 weeks now....
Have yourself a glorious week and I will update again later...