Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another year gone...

Well nearly, and I've been busy so haven't posted anything on my blog for 2 months... yes I've neglected the poor thing.

So, thought I would try to a recap of 2012 before lots of new exciting things start for 2013!
These are not going to be in any particular order... just as I remember them.


~In June I finished my time on the Design Team for Kaisercraft. A very exciting year it was and very full on! I've been enjoying the quiet time since and haven't done a lot of creating, but there's big things happening in 2013!

~ Nicholas and his team mates received the 2012 Sports Star Team of the Year Award, and the team won the State Championships in Perth again in October, with the sub-junior team also winning the State Championship, therefore Esperance were the top team!!! Well done boys.

~ Kristofer was elected Student Councillor for 2013. Very proud moment for us and such an achievement for him!

~ Jonathan worked very hard at school and received the class award at the end of the year. Well done.

~ I finally got my scrap room properly floored and am loving the set-up. It's my own little place where I can go for time out when I need to. Love sitting in there creating, or just reading.

~ We used the caravan for the first time with a holiday in Albany in October. Seems like only yesterday but really was 3 months ago!

~Nicholas had his first trip over the Nullabor to the Victorian Fire Brigade Championships. That's further than I've ever been!

~ Nicholas has been doing well in Year 11 and also got his Learner's Permit. That was a drama in itself... did you know you need more identification to get a learner's permit to drive than you need for either a passport OR to get a tax file number!

~ The Esperance Show was a success for all of us with a few wins and places, especially for the boys and their photographs.

~ We had a wedding and a new baby, with 2 more babies expected over the next couple of weeks! (and no definately not me, but dh's nieces!)

~ I started to get organised with the housework and this has free'd me up a bit more on the weekends so I'm looking forward to continuing in the new year and having it all fall into place!

I really only have 1 regret for the year... I didn't take enough photos so I'm looking at rectifying that in the new year!

So on that note, I hope everyone has a happy new year, and have few regrets as they look back on 2012.