Sunday, 30 March 2008

My new home

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks.
There's been the recovery from the retreat, and when I got home we got the floor in the games room done (and it looks a million dollars too!) and because we had everything out of the games room, we decided to totally rearrange the house over Easter.
So the boys all now have their own bedrooms, and I lost my scap room.
I've taken over the dining room after we moved the table out. It was a compromise with dh, but I have a bigger desk space and there's more room so it's worked out well.

So here are the piccies...

I want to get dh to move the big picture on the wall to the bedroom so I can put some canvasses up there.

And where's the ribbon stash you might ask... well I'm not telling! but it is there.....

And we have a new member of the family... well for a couple of weeks anyway until it's big enough to go out to Kate and her girls...

The scary thing is Jonathan can do just about anything with it and it loves to just sit happily on his hand. I caved in a moment of weakness... silly thing wasn't I ... but isn't this photo just the cutest!

And on the scrapping front I've done a fair bit this week, but I can't share any just yet. I did my 2 layouts for the Scraptacular over at Scrapbooking 4 Less and I love how they turned out. Entries close for this round in a couple of days and then the nailbiting voting starts. So if you want to vote for your favourite layouts then go and join up now so you can vote... hint hint...

And I've been working on DT projects all weekend so I can't share them either just yet, but I'm totally loving how they're turning out. I had to choose the big pack for May and I've had a lot of fun doing up some projects, so you will have to keep an eye out for them.
And I think that's about it at the moment...

So take care of yourselves and I will catch you all later!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Retreat aftermath!

Yes... its a long drive and I don't care.... all set to do it again next year!

Thank you so very much Maria and girls for another great weekend!
And thanks Donna and Tess for another fun driver over.... including roadworks and dust and wind!

Gail it was so great to meet irl for the first time! You are just as lovely as you are online! *mwah*

I've been home for 2 days and I'm still recovering! So here is a share of all my projects from the classes!

And ok Kareena... it really wasn't torture!

BTW... incriminating photos coming soon... maybe!

Monday, 10 March 2008

How many hours now?

until the Boxx Retreat!!!! woohoo...
it's now 3 days and 18 hours away.... but who's counting! hehehe.....
2 more days of work and Thursday Tess and I head on over with Donna to Augusta... I am so looking forward to it. A lot lot lot of fun... lots of classes and a lot of laughter.
And the best thing... no one demanding anything from me.

But before I go there's lots to do... a tote to pack, clothes to pack and unfortunately I have to make sure all the washing is done so that the kids and DH have something to wear next week and I don't come home to Mt Everest in washing again...
So really this is going to be a short post...

I just wanted to upload this frame I did yesterday at the Scrap n Chat at the Cannery with Tess as teacher. And yes Tess... you make a great teacher.

Isn't it gorgeous! love love love it!

Ok.... off to go do something!

Monday, 3 March 2008

I've been just a tad slack

I have you know.... these layouts have been up on Jen's blog now for a little while, but me... no I've been a bit slack uploading them...

This first one I have to thank the gorgeous Gail for supplying me a photo of Beth. I just don't have too many little girl photos. Love the way this turned out. Very pretty.

And Jenny gave us some pretty soft pink felt, ribbon and daisy chain ribbon, so I covered this little notebook with the felt. Makes a pretty little book for a gift doesn't it.

But that's all I can share at the moment. I've done a few other layouts and projects, but I can't share them just yet.
I have done some layouts, but I will share them next time. There's a lot on during the week, and dh is complaining about the amount of time I spend on the puter and scrapping, so I guess I had better try to cut back just a little...

So until then take care and remember....
every day has it's magic moment... you just have to look for it!