Thursday, 30 August 2007

Slack aren't I?

Well it's been a busy week... honest! Would I lie to you... lol

We had the settlement for the refinancing finally went through.. and that was a drama. But hopefully nearly all of it's been sorted out.. I hope. Still one little hiccup that needs to be sorted out, but after that, it's all done. We've finally condensed everything into a single house loan, all the bills are up to date and for the first time in our lives we have some breathing space and money in the bank. woohoo!

And last weekend I did a cc over at a forum I just found called Scrap World. A lot of fun... felt a bit guilty as I won one of the giveaways almost as soon as I walked in the door. lol bad girl I am. But it was a lot of fun.
And I finally got out and did the gardening. Well the vegie garden at the least was weeded even though we're not going to plant it out until we come back from our holiday in Port Denison in October. I needed to get the weeds under control.

So what else...
Karen has won the position on the SNC DT, so finally I can share all my creations with you. Congratulations Karen, your layouts were gorgeous as were all of them.
Would have liked to be there, but then, now I can still enter all the challenges lol...

So here are my layouts...

now if I mix them up don't blame me...

This was the week 1.... a colour scheme... brown pink and red I think it was...

This one was week 2... the sketch challenge. This one is for the zoo album I'm doing.

Here's week 3... texture. The whole background is a piece of material I had here. Love this one, and I love the photo.

Do you love my monogram? I do... was nothing like I was originally going to do but I so love the way it worked out. This was week 4.

And this is my layout for week 5. I really love this layout, I love the photo (and no I can't take credit for it, Dave Green took the photo), and I love the quote.

This is the one I might just frame to remind me to have the courage to chase my dreams. Something I tend to forget. And even though I never got any further than this I was absolutely chuffed to have got this far.
Now I have the courage to chase my dreams! This girl now has confidence so ya'd better watch out! lol
well as long as the pmt aint hangin' round that is.... blasted pmt!

But right now I'm in a happy place and it's time to seriously start working on that pmt thing.... anyone got any ideas????

Anyway, time to get back to my layout sitting on my desk, considering I haven't done much scrapping this week.

Catch you all later, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and don't forget to leave a comment cause I love reading what you all have to say.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

My new love... Ribbon Stiff

Okay... now Jenny has uploaded our layouts over at RJR I can share them with you....

This month she sent us a pack that included Ribbon Stiff.... I so love it. There is just so very very much you can do with it.... first share....

This was my first attempt with the Ribbon Stiff. I treated some of the Strano with Ribbon Stiff and wondered if it was possible to put it through my theory it should work really..... so....
And guess what... it worked! yah! So once I had printed on it, I then rounded the corners and set an eyelet in it and there you go. Very simple project, but a fabulous bookmark!
And the kids are already fighting over it... lol

Now this is the layout I did this month.
As soon as I saw the ribbon Jenny sent me I thought of the Dockers. And who supports the Dockers... Jonathan. So naturally that's what I did a layout off.
This time, after I had treated the ribbon, I decided to cut a scallop along one edge of the ribbon. The beauty of Ribbon Stiff is it stops fraying, so cutting a scallop is easy. I also put printed a title on another length of Ribbon and then handcut the title.
This is so very easy with the Ribbon Stiff.

And these are the 2 cards I made also.
The first one, the green one, I treated the other ribbon Jenny sent us with Ribbon Stiff, then cut petals out of the ribbon, all the same way so the stripes matched and then punched the spirals out of the ribbon. I so love those spirals!
And then I assembled the flower....

The other card I have used some ribbon wrapped around a pencil and treated with Ribbon Stiff to give me the loops. When it was dry, I then assembled the loops into the petals of a flower and there you go.
Very very easy.

And now you know why I'm in love with Ribbon Stiff... it is so versatile, and allows you to do so very much more with ribbon.

And if you're real quick and head on over to RJR you can get this months ribbon AND a bottle of Ribbon Stiff in a pack for 10% off retail..... so what are you still doing here.......
And while you're there... don't forget to check out Jenny's blog with the gorgeous creations from the rest of the DT.
Can't wait for the next pack...

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Happy Birthday Jonathan

August 21... Jonathan's birthday.
Can he possibly be 6 already? Honestly, where have these years all gone?
It seems like only yesterday I was sitting there looking at a tiny baby boy in a humidicrib struggling to breathe, with a drip in his scalp, because it was the only place that the doctors could get a vein.
He was only 3 weeks early, so why all these problems? We have no idea. Not even the doctors know. They told me that they tend to have more problems with a baby born 3 weeks early than one born 6 weeks early.
It tore my heart watching him lie there, and the next day he was flown to Princess Margaret Hospital by RFDS because he hadn't improved, and the experts were there.
Gradually he improved by himself and by Saturday he was out of the humidicrib.
Even now looking back it still tears my heart. I still remember that he was 3 days old before I got my first cuddle...
But now I look at a strapping little boy.... happy and healthy... what more can we ask for.
Yes, he's had his dramas over the years... more than Nicholas and Kristofer, but I think we treasure him all the more for it. He is our precious angel, always so loving and giving, and I would never change anything.

And yes he was spoilt again. He got new shoes, and a Cars tracksuit and Cars pyjamas and I did up the case for him with all his new scrapbooking supplies.
Yes... one very spoilt and very happy little boy.

Happy birthday my little Rabbit!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Not much happening

No not here this week.
I did my lo this week for the SNC DT challenge. This week's challenge was to do a sketch and layout. I procrastinated for a bit... until I remembered why it is I scrap... for the fun of it.
So with that in mind, I got my layout done and totally love it. Might just have to frame this one for the wall..... pity I can't show you.... lol

I'm working on a present for Jonathan for his birthday. Am doing up a case for him and I'm going to put scrapbooking stuff in it for him. He's always trying to pinch my scrapbooking items.... brat.. lol. So I'm going to give him his own.
This is a wooden case Nicholas used to have when he was Jonathan's age, for his pencils, etc but he's drawn and scribbled all over it. So I've just painted it black and am going to seal it and scrap the top of it for him.
Will post pics when I finish it.

Today I also got my pack from Shelley over at Scrapbooking 4 Less. I'm guest DT member for September and can't wait to get started. I've got to make a mini book, and I know exactly what I'm going to do. Will probably do it this Sunday at the Scrap n Chat get together. Love those afternoons.... no husband, no kids, no demands.

And that's been about it. We're still waiting for the settlement to go through for the refinancing and fingers crossed it will go through tonight, or tomorrow....
Here's hoping there's no more hold ups... please.... am totally over it, but in the long run we will be so very much better off consolidating all of our debts.
And I swear, we will never return to this situation that we're in ever again. We've got this chance so it's time to make the most of it.
So fingers crossed......

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend won't you.... I'm being taken out to dinner Saturday night so I'm sure I will ... lol

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Busy little vegemite

Yeh well sort off.... lol....

I've spent the weekend cleaning house and doing some baking. Made the kids a chocolate slice and a Lemon Marshmallow Slice, and made Lasagne for dinner last night. All very yummy stuff.

And yes I got some scrapping done...

Here's the ornament I finally did from Nik's online class from Scrapbooking 4 Less..

and here's the Christmas Treat's Bucket...

And I got both the Book of Me Challenges done for the Boxx and for SNC. They both look very much alike, but you get that...

This is the Boxx one... our dream job.

And this is the SNC one... it was on horoscopes this month, and I had done one on my horoscope only a month or so ago, so this one I decided to do on my Chinese horoscope.
I was born in the year of the Earth Monkey... this explains a lot about me, like the fact I can't sit still... lol and can never spend the day in bed no matter how sick I am...
And this one will match the Virgo one I did.

So I guess that's about it.... I'm meant to be doing the CJ I have here for Kelli, but I'm also waiting on the judging to finish for this week's challenge for the DT so I'm procrastinating yet again...

So have yourselves a wonderful week won't you all, and I guess I had better go do something constructive.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

More layouts

Here are some more layouts I did over the weekend.
I think I really need to figure out how to do that slide show thingamajig... lol

This first one is a digital one. We had to do a photo in rainbow colours on a black background.

This one had to have a hand stitched title of at least 5 letters. Chelle won't set a challenge like that one again... lol. I think she was trying to slow me down.

And this one had to have fibres....

And this last one I'm uploading tonight had to be all handmade.... no premade anything, so I doodled all over the page.. lol The pic isn't very good though.

Not much happening this week... I did my monogram for the SNC dt challenge, and now I'm trying to do Tatum's layout for the layout swap. I'm lucky... I get 2, but only because we had an odd number and because I organised it it was my privilege... lol.

So I guess I had better go do it.
Have yourselves a wonderful day won't you and don't forget to leave a message... I love to know that someone's been by to visit and I'm not talking to myself... lol

Sunday, 5 August 2007

In the zone...

Yes... all weekend I've been in the Mojo Zone.

I have produced 12 paper layouts and one digital layout over the weekend for the SNC Cybercrop.
Chelle kept coming up with new challenges for me every time I finished one and ran out of challenges.
I got 11 done for the CC and then the weekly challenge as well as the weekly challenge for last week.
And the best thing, I love every single layout. Each of them is different, but I love ever single one of them. And I also used photos that I've had sitting here for ages and had no inspiration to scrap them. But they're done now and I love them.

Here is one of my all time favourite layouts... I so love this photo and absolutely adore the way the layout came out.

And here's another I love....

One thing for sure but... Chelle and Lisa and the DT sure do know how to run a cybercrop... they are simply the best.

Did I tell you... I love you girls... and I love your CC's!

woohoo... roll on the next one.... well after I catch my breath... lol

Thursday, 2 August 2007

What a week!

Talk about a busy week!
I've had the secret squirrel stuff for Jenny over at RJR to finish off... all done now and sent.

And then Monday after leaving us hanging all morning Chelle and Lisa announced the girls to go into the next round of the DT comp and of course just as that was happening, the power went out in town! I mean how dare it.... and then Chelle sent emails and didn't announce it on the forum... but she was nice and sent me a pm. Can you imagine me hanging out all afternoon at work not being able to check my emails to see if I got through or not! nope never! lol. And yes I got through.

So I had that layout to do and this weeks comp was Texture. The first idea I had totally fell through... would not work at all, so I did up one this afternoon and am really happy with the way it came out. And no, sorry... can't share that either... lol

If you're after layouts today there's no luck because that's all I've managed to do. Sorry.

Tuesday was full of excitement too.... happen to come home at lunch time and the courier had left a note in the door that they had a parcel. Thinking it was for Danny I picked it up on my way back to work. But no it wasn't for Danny it was mine all mine... lol. I had won a Brother Label maker from a competition in Scrapbooking Memories. How fantastic is that. It's pretty pink and is now my new favourite toy! It does lovely little strips of journalling... oh and yeh.. I can now label everything! lol

And last night I got an email from someone in Scotland researching their family tree, looking for a Charles Davie. Well after a few emails back and forth we worked out that she is actually my second cousin! Now how fantastic is that. My grandfather was her grandmother's brother. Dad had met her father once many years ago and no one here in Australia has had any contact with any family in Scotland. Grandma and Grandad never spoke very much about them so this really is fantastic. Margaret lived in Australia for 3 and half years, and married and Australian and revisits regularly, so maybe just maybe there's the opportunity for a chance to catch up.
Can you tell I'm really excited about this.
It's not often you can find long lost relatives and can find out the little bits of family history that you can only get from stories and other family members. Especially now that they've all been lost to us here in Australia.

So that's about it. My desk is now cleared all ready for the SNC cybercrop this weekend!
Roll on the fun! woohoo.....