Thursday, 28 June 2007

My boy's 11!

Yes, Nicholas is 11 today!
It's funny but I still remember every moment of the time leading up to his birth and his birth. I guess it's not something I could ever forget. One thing's for sure I never have an easy time of it having babies.... lol... each of them has their own dramas.
Nicholas didn't get much today for his birthday as he's been selected to go to Narrogin for the junior hockey carnival in a few weeks. We really are very proud of him.
But because of the cost of it, he didn't get much. He got a new jumper, socks for Narrogin, a lock for his bike and a little tin I did for him with some inspirational quotes. He seemed to be quite happy with it.
Sometimes I really want to spoil the boys and I have to stop myself from doing it. I guess they're only little for so long, even though he's not little any more.
I took this photo tonight of the boys... Nicholas is in the middle.

Aren't they just the cheekiest!

So what else has been happening... well I'm fully recovered from the allergy/virus. No sign of it left. Now just to work out what it was... I either wait to see if the kids come out in it or maybe just have a small piece of chocolate... lol Danny would kill me if I did that!
But otherwise I haven't done much scrapping this week after the fun on Monday. I've just finished a layout, but I will upload it tomorrow.

Other than that I got a heap (ummm.... hundreds!) of photos printed this week too. I'm absolutely chuffed with the quality of them and also the service I got. Can't recommend them more. I got them from Shona and her dh at Photo Express in Shepparton.
If you want photos printed at a brilliant price at a brilliant quality with brilliant service just email them at
Honestly I can't recommend them any higher. I now have to go through the rest of my photos that need printing and send them off to them. I got over 400 printed and they had them done and sent back to me the same day! Now how's that for service!

So that's about it. Danny's home, work tomorrow, Saturday I have to clean this pig sty of a house but Saturday night there's a cc on over at Scrapboxx.

Oh and another thing... Jenny over at RJR has got some ribbon adhesive in as well as bella ds tape... just the perfect thing for ribbon. So if you haven't visited go and visit before her sale ends on Saturday.... there's some amazing ribbon over there at some amazing prices.... (I've really had to control myself not to go shopping... pmsl).

So have yourselves a wonderful day tomorrow and I will catch you all later.


Anonymous said...

thanks toni for spreading the word! i am so happy that you are happy with your photos, you really have no excuse not to get cracking now and get those layouts done!!!!

get off the bloody computer!!!

have a great day


Julie said...

Happy birthday to Nicolas.
Good to see ur over ur allergy how weird is that?
& yep photoexpress is damn good!
Keep the fantab. lo's coming...I haven't got much chance to comment but hopefully soon I will.
Have a great weekend

Sheree said...

Hi Toni! Just found your blog.....Happy Birthday to your son Nicholas for yesterday....lovely pic of the boys too!

Have a great weekend!

Sheree xx (ShereeF from Scrapboxx)

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of Happy Birthday wishes for Nicholas. I hope he had a great day and loves being 11.

How exciting for him to be selected for the hockey carnival, excellent work. I hope he does well and has lots of fun.

This photo of the boys is fantastic Toni. They are all so cute. You have to scrap that one.

Have a great week end and chat again soon. So glad your allergic reaction drama is all over now.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Kirsty Campbell said...

Hey Toni thought i'd pop in and say HI!!
Happy Birthday Nicholas!
Great to see ya
oh and if you ever need to adopt out any ribbon please call me I offer a comforting home full of love LOL!!!

Shazz said...

i hope your son had a great birthday toni. my DS1 will be 19 on tuesday - where has that time gone and where is my baby...???
how did your CC go...??? i am desperately trying to scrap a LO at the moment for a CC i participated in but unfortunately the perils of housework have grabbed me this morning so no scrapping for me as yet today.
enjoy the remainder of the weekend xxoo