Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Christmas at Kaiser

and the blog has been down... ruddy technology!!!!

But it seems to be back up now so thought I would share with you some layouts I've created using the new releases for September... just in time for Christmas!

This first layout is using the December 25th range. Gotta love the vintage colours of this range... right up my alley!
And as I don't have a lot of Christmas photos, I decided to do a journal layout remembering pieces from childhood Christmases!

And the other range is Silly Season. And of course with a name like that it's all bright colours - perfect for Christmas!

I will have more to share later in the week!

I also have to say thanks to all who have left comments on my blog. Yes I'm loving my new studio... there's plenty of room, and it's a nice quiet place to concentrate when I really need to!
And you're all welcome to come and scrap if you want!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My New Studio

I got a please so here are the version 1 photos... lol.
I still have tweaking to do, and there's a couple of things still to be done, but generally this will be it for a little while...

So here goes...

Looking across the room from the new french doors....

and from the other corner...

Now, behind the shelves I have put the freezers, so this is where I want the false wall to go. DH is suggesting we want to take out the rollerdoor altogether, and put in a massive window...
I do like the little storage area though, where I can hide empty boxes and other stuff and it's a good spot for the chest freezers with easy access. What do you think?

This is shot from the shelves towards the back wall.

The sewing machine is on the desk, but I will probably store it under the desk under the window.
I need to get a larger piece of vinyl to cover the 2 trestle tables, and piece of carpet for the floor. I love the foam mats, but the chairs will cut into them, so I will get a piece of carpet to protect it.
I think the table will be big enough to have a few friends over the scrap don't you think?

Here is the set of shelves holding most of my stuff... there is almost a whole shelf empty now... I might just have to rectify that.

Looking up the wall from the french doors. I got dh to put the shelf unit from the old window on the wall for me.

Along the back wall I have my old cutting desk back (this can hold layouts for display or while I wait for something to dry), and the sets of drawers have all of my sewing stuff, the stuff for the knk, spare stationery, etc, etc, etc...

And finally, my painting desk...
this is new (well the desk has been out in the shed!) but I now have somewhere I can paint, emboss, spray or whatever messy all in the one spot! and leave it to dry.

I still have a few things I want to do...
I have hooks in the wall... just got to do the work to hang there, and I want to get a cane chair to sit in the corner, so I have somewhere peaceful to sit and read.

And the best thing... I can shut the door and have some peace and quiet when I need to!

So... what do you think?

Friday, 16 September 2011


for the classes I'm teaching in Hyden...

These first 2 are for a single class, making 2 layouts...

Very clean, simple layouts... but I love them! Hope you will too. There'll be heaps in the kit to make a lot more.

And the second class I'm teach is OTP...

As you can guess, it's for Christmas....

I've seen the sneaks for the other teachers, and can't wait to see their layouts.
If you're even thinking of going to Hyden, go check out Scrappin' Outback's blog to see the sneaks!

Here's the link...

Monday, 12 September 2011

I can share something...

but this is all out of my projects for Kaisercraft for September.
Well at the moment it is... you're gunna have to wait to see more...
Aren't I cruel? lol...

But you can go visit the Kaisercraft Blog to see what the other girls in the team have been doing with the gorgeous new Christmas ranges released this month and get yourself a head start on all that Christmas scrapping!

and yah... my french doors are meant to be going in tomorrow and everything is pretty much set up so I might take photos on the weekend to share!
But only if you say please....

Friday, 9 September 2011

So much happening....

and nothing to share....

It's been a very very busy week.... My scrap room was all packed up before last weekend for some french doors to go in leading from the old dining room into the garage, right where I used to be set up to scrap!

:( My scrap room all packed up....

I now have a hole in my wall, but not doors (thanks Bunnings!) they will be going in next week.

This was what it looked like to begin with. The freezers are staying in the garage, but I've moved them up near the roller door. But at the least, they're easier to access now!

But not having the doors hasn't stopped me from moving in though... lol

I still have heaps to do like the curtains, and dh needs to hang a set of shelves for me, but at least I've been able to scrap and get some projects finished I was half way through.

So I'm going to wait until I'm all finished with the set up and then I'll post good photos of the whole setup!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Spread your Wings

I did something different for my off the page for Miss Nelly this month.
I combined both the 10" frame and one of the mannequins to create a frame for a quote.
It took a bit of fiddling but I'm happy with the results....

Materials Used:
Kaisercraft 6.5″ frame (SB2114), Kaisercraft Dress Form (SB122), Miss Nelly Paper Pad (PP849), Miss Nelly Her Habits (P713), Wooden Flourish Wings (FL346), Pearl Strip Champagne (PL503), Rub ons Timeless Treasures (RB945), Paper Blooms Coconut (F640), Paper Blooms Cranberry (F638), Mini Paper Blooms Aubergine (F654), White Lace (E926).
Other products: white flowers, leaves, tulle, paint, ink, ribbon, kindy glitz, transparency, grunge board wings.

I wanted a frame that would be able to sit on a shelf or my desk, so I combined both the 6.5″ frame and one of the free-standing dress forms.
Wanting a shabby chic look, I painted the frame and form with a pale pink, then a top coat of white. Sanding all of the edges gives a distressed shabby feel to the project.
To get the full pleated skirt for the dress form, join 2 pieces of paper from the paper pad, and concertina it, flaring the bottom. The Miss Nelly paper pad has a lot of small detailed papers that work perfectly for projects like this.
I added tulle to the bottom of the skirt to add a strip of colour and hid the top of the pleats with a spray of flowers, ribbon, and tulle, finished with a butterfly rub on on a scrap piece of transparency, folded in the middle and kindy glitz. Then added some flourish rub ons and pearls for detail.
The quote in the frame has been printed onto transparency, and although this one is designed to be permanent, it would be a simple solution to not seal the top of the frame and be able to change the quote as your moods and circumstances change, or even add a photo.
Inking the glossy pink pattern paper on the front of the frame with white brings out the pattern and softens the bright pink.
Flowers were added to the base of the dress form, and the top right corner of the frame completes the visual triangle and finishing with a bit of kindy glitz to the edges of the flowers leaves adds sparkle.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Meet our new little girl....

Mustang Sally!

Our 7wo Great Dane puppy.... so watch out for a lot more photos of her!
She's very sweet and adorable....