Sunday, 7 October 2007

I'm back.....

Well it's been a very relaxing week in Port Denison. Didn't do much beside walk along the beach, watch the kids swimming, took them fishing, watched the sun set with a drink in hand and slept every night in an airbed that kept going down... lol

Hey but the bed only ever went down half way... can you understand that? We couldn't!
But with Danny on one side of the bed and me on the other, I kept rolling down the hill cause he is heavier than me and always sunk lower in the bed... don't tell him I said that will you... lol
But after the last night I told him I was never ever ever ever sleeping on an air mattress ever ever ever again! Got that?!

But I took photos... lots and lots of photos....about 6-800... I think!
So here are a couple...

Jonathan who came to help me take photos of the sunset from the hill above our camp.

This was a sea eagle I was lucky enough to catch when I was taking photos of the sunset. He had just caught the fishing hanging from his talons. The photo isn't 100% clear but I was still lucky enough to get a photo.

And here is Nicholas with the second fish he caught... a baby pink snapper. He also caught a brim. Both were let go. Kristofer and Jonathan only got bites and weren't lucky enough to catch a fish. Maybe next time.

The boys loved exploring the rocks right up to shore in the harbour. They also swam here as it was shallow and very safe.

And what a way to finish.... such a glorious sunset!

So now we're home and I have a mountain of washing to do... and I've started spring cleaning. I've done Kristofer and Jonathan's room and their wardrobe with the new mesh cubes in there to keep it clean. Looks really nice, but I wonder how long it will last.

So I'm off to do some scrapping cause I haven't done any for 2 weeks now....
Have yourself a glorious week and I will update again later...


Rebekkah said...

Sounds like you had a great time !!
Love the photos, the kids looked like they loved it ! Glad to see you back and cant wait to see your scrappin !

Love Bek XX

Gayle Smith said...

oh great photos Toni! Where is it you went?? Never heard of it. Looks like it was lovely though. Gotta hate air beds! I agree with you fully on that one.
Have fun doing the washing

Chelle said...

Great Photos ton!! sounds like you all had a great week together ansd so many photo's to scrap now haha

gailw said...

great photos toni... love the one of the sunset....

glad you had a great holiday except for the mattress... can't wait to see some of the layouts you do with these photos


Anonymous said...

SO glad you had a fun holiday. We all need that now and again :)

Wonderful photos here. I love seeing sun sets. Thanks for sharing Toni.

Good luck getting back into the normal busy routine of work and school. From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo