Thursday, 11 October 2007

Guess what we've now got.....

Yes.... a brand spanking new TOYOTA LANDCRUISER!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful... and it's mine... all
DH has agreed for me to drive it and he will now take over my little Hyundai to drive around in. He doesn't want the Cruiser down the Port which I can totally understand...
So I have a brand new BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG car to drive.... did I tell you it's BIIIIIIIIIIIG........... LOL

Now we just need the bullbar for it that they sold to someone else and now can't get a replacement in Australia... how bad is that!
Danny was far from happy about it!

Oh well... back to the mundane now and a couple of layouts I did this week.
This first one is of the boys with their BIG cousin Carl... and I mean BIG! Carl is over 6 foot and has nearly always towered over me... We're going to take him off at the knees one day... lol

And this next one is for the fortnightly challenge over at SNC. Is of when I played hockey (yeh ok... 16 years ago!)and we won the premiership... we were good! lol

So that's about it. I have another That's Life layout to upload but will do later and also my layouts from the last RJR design team pack. If you want to see head on over to the RJR blog to look see...

And by the way... I have a new pressie coming soon.... I will let you know when it gets here.... how exciting......

Take care now won't you!


Gayle Smith said...

very awesomely cool car Toni!!!!! Don't back into anything!!! lol
Great pages too.

Chelle said...

Love that new car Toni ... enjoy it!!

Leeann said...

Noice car welcome to the bugger me club....Great Lo's Toni!I wanta see you use your stash of

gailw said...

love the new car tones.... very impressive.... love the layouts too


Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Hi Toni,

It's been awhile since I dropped by and OMG you've been busy!!! Love the Inspiration here and Love the new car too. I too have a Toyota Landcruiser and I love it.

Happy Scrappin'