Thursday, 30 August 2007

Slack aren't I?

Well it's been a busy week... honest! Would I lie to you... lol

We had the settlement for the refinancing finally went through.. and that was a drama. But hopefully nearly all of it's been sorted out.. I hope. Still one little hiccup that needs to be sorted out, but after that, it's all done. We've finally condensed everything into a single house loan, all the bills are up to date and for the first time in our lives we have some breathing space and money in the bank. woohoo!

And last weekend I did a cc over at a forum I just found called Scrap World. A lot of fun... felt a bit guilty as I won one of the giveaways almost as soon as I walked in the door. lol bad girl I am. But it was a lot of fun.
And I finally got out and did the gardening. Well the vegie garden at the least was weeded even though we're not going to plant it out until we come back from our holiday in Port Denison in October. I needed to get the weeds under control.

So what else...
Karen has won the position on the SNC DT, so finally I can share all my creations with you. Congratulations Karen, your layouts were gorgeous as were all of them.
Would have liked to be there, but then, now I can still enter all the challenges lol...

So here are my layouts...

now if I mix them up don't blame me...

This was the week 1.... a colour scheme... brown pink and red I think it was...

This one was week 2... the sketch challenge. This one is for the zoo album I'm doing.

Here's week 3... texture. The whole background is a piece of material I had here. Love this one, and I love the photo.

Do you love my monogram? I do... was nothing like I was originally going to do but I so love the way it worked out. This was week 4.

And this is my layout for week 5. I really love this layout, I love the photo (and no I can't take credit for it, Dave Green took the photo), and I love the quote.

This is the one I might just frame to remind me to have the courage to chase my dreams. Something I tend to forget. And even though I never got any further than this I was absolutely chuffed to have got this far.
Now I have the courage to chase my dreams! This girl now has confidence so ya'd better watch out! lol
well as long as the pmt aint hangin' round that is.... blasted pmt!

But right now I'm in a happy place and it's time to seriously start working on that pmt thing.... anyone got any ideas????

Anyway, time to get back to my layout sitting on my desk, considering I haven't done much scrapping this week.

Catch you all later, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and don't forget to leave a comment cause I love reading what you all have to say.


Anonymous said...

Wow Toni all your creations here look wonderful, your so clever.

I too love that photo of the boys riding their bikes. The ribbons in the corner look adorable, that's a great idea.

I am very happy that your money issues have been getting sorted. It is a BIG relief, I know!

Have a great week end and I hope your husband enjoys Fathers Day tomorrow.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Mardi said...

Hi Toni...Ho absolutely gorgeous are all your layouts have a lovely style.... and your photography is always beautiful and interesting. for the pmt thing....I hear you!!.. but what is the answer..... maybe for the entire family to move out and leave me
...or on a serious note....I have been using a cream from a practitioner....its a natural progesterone cream...and it makes a huge difference to my pmt...and all the other associated symptoms...
Mardi xx