Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Happy Birthday Jonathan

August 21... Jonathan's birthday.
Can he possibly be 6 already? Honestly, where have these years all gone?
It seems like only yesterday I was sitting there looking at a tiny baby boy in a humidicrib struggling to breathe, with a drip in his scalp, because it was the only place that the doctors could get a vein.
He was only 3 weeks early, so why all these problems? We have no idea. Not even the doctors know. They told me that they tend to have more problems with a baby born 3 weeks early than one born 6 weeks early.
It tore my heart watching him lie there, and the next day he was flown to Princess Margaret Hospital by RFDS because he hadn't improved, and the experts were there.
Gradually he improved by himself and by Saturday he was out of the humidicrib.
Even now looking back it still tears my heart. I still remember that he was 3 days old before I got my first cuddle...
But now I look at a strapping little boy.... happy and healthy... what more can we ask for.
Yes, he's had his dramas over the years... more than Nicholas and Kristofer, but I think we treasure him all the more for it. He is our precious angel, always so loving and giving, and I would never change anything.

And yes he was spoilt again. He got new shoes, and a Cars tracksuit and Cars pyjamas and I did up the case for him with all his new scrapbooking supplies.
Yes... one very spoilt and very happy little boy.

Happy birthday my little Rabbit!!


gailw said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan.... hope you enjoyed your pressies little man...

Toni he looks so proud in those photos... love that box too.


Karen said...

Oh Happy Birthday Jonathan. The box turned out fab Toni, great job. Spoilt little man he was!

What a sad story about his birth Toni, so makes you thankful for the kids they are today hey!

deirdre said...

Looks like Jonathan had a fabulous birthday! Some great presents!!!!!
I want one of those scrp cases!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Jonathan. I am sorry this message is a few days late.

I hope he enjoys being 6 and has lots of fun with his new presents.

He sure is cute Toni (as are all your boys):)

Have a great week and take care of yourself. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jopnathan!! Love the suitcase Toni! Very noice and lots of goodies to go with it :D