Thursday, 2 August 2007

What a week!

Talk about a busy week!
I've had the secret squirrel stuff for Jenny over at RJR to finish off... all done now and sent.

And then Monday after leaving us hanging all morning Chelle and Lisa announced the girls to go into the next round of the DT comp and of course just as that was happening, the power went out in town! I mean how dare it.... and then Chelle sent emails and didn't announce it on the forum... but she was nice and sent me a pm. Can you imagine me hanging out all afternoon at work not being able to check my emails to see if I got through or not! nope never! lol. And yes I got through.

So I had that layout to do and this weeks comp was Texture. The first idea I had totally fell through... would not work at all, so I did up one this afternoon and am really happy with the way it came out. And no, sorry... can't share that either... lol

If you're after layouts today there's no luck because that's all I've managed to do. Sorry.

Tuesday was full of excitement too.... happen to come home at lunch time and the courier had left a note in the door that they had a parcel. Thinking it was for Danny I picked it up on my way back to work. But no it wasn't for Danny it was mine all mine... lol. I had won a Brother Label maker from a competition in Scrapbooking Memories. How fantastic is that. It's pretty pink and is now my new favourite toy! It does lovely little strips of journalling... oh and yeh.. I can now label everything! lol

And last night I got an email from someone in Scotland researching their family tree, looking for a Charles Davie. Well after a few emails back and forth we worked out that she is actually my second cousin! Now how fantastic is that. My grandfather was her grandmother's brother. Dad had met her father once many years ago and no one here in Australia has had any contact with any family in Scotland. Grandma and Grandad never spoke very much about them so this really is fantastic. Margaret lived in Australia for 3 and half years, and married and Australian and revisits regularly, so maybe just maybe there's the opportunity for a chance to catch up.
Can you tell I'm really excited about this.
It's not often you can find long lost relatives and can find out the little bits of family history that you can only get from stories and other family members. Especially now that they've all been lost to us here in Australia.

So that's about it. My desk is now cleared all ready for the SNC cybercrop this weekend!
Roll on the fun! woohoo.....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it through the next round at SnC's DT comp. Woohoo!!!
Congrats on winning the label maker. So tell me have you been walking around the house, looking to see what you can put a label on LMAO! They can be addictive too :D
The family tree discovery sounds very exciting!!
See you at the CC

Char said...

Hi Toni, what a great surprise about your family tree..thing!! I would love to do mine one day!!
Anyways catch you back at home (scrapboxx, lol!)