Saturday, 6 July 2013

That escalated...

...very quickly!!!!
It is now official.
After 23 and a half years I will now be out of a job in 5 weeks, August 9.
I'm glad to have some dates finally and am no longer in limbo. But now I have some decisions to make. I know what it is I want to do, but need to find out some information first but it'll be a major step in taking control of my life.
I do know that I want a break before starting a new job, even if only a couple of a weeks. Just long enough to get my breath and get some jobs done around the house I want to get done like painting and redecorating and getting some work done on the gardens.

I was reconsidering having a blog, but after some thoughts on it, I've decided it's a good place for me to record events and happenings, and to share my scrapping. So even though I might not update regularly I'm going to keep it going. And you never know... I might actually have more time to actually update!

And it's been a very big week all around!

Nicholas has been away at the high school Country Week. This was his 5th and last year attending.
We were very proud to hear that he was a finalist in the Active Achiever Award, though unfortunately he didn't win, just being a finalist was enough!
He was named ESHS Team Captain - woohoo!!!
And he played very very well all week despite having the flu and scored a lot of goals (I lost count!) with a lot of them off short corners and the boys came away with a well deserved win in B-Grade... He's going out on top.
It makes us very proud!

Kristofer has been doing Army Cadets this year, and this week he was promoted from a recruit to Junior Cadet! He's worked hard and it's paid off!

And all the boys have brought home good reports so that's made me very happy!

So 2013 is definately going to be the year of changes and big things!
Bring it on....

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