Sunday, 5 May 2013

Changes afoot...

With all that's happening lately I was beginning to wonder whether or not to continue my blog.
Considering that I've only been uploading scrapbooking projects, I was considering whether or not to continue and just post the projects on Pinterest.
After some considering I've decided I will continue to blog, but I'm going to change a few things I post.
One thing I've tried to do is the Photo a Day, but it just keeps falling by the wayside and I never get the photos taken. I run out of time, it's too dark or I simply forget, and it's like that rolling stone... once it starts it just continues.
So after a lot of soul searching and thinking about what I'm doing, I'm going to try to reorganise a few things. I tried after my last lot of holidays and some things have stuck like the washing. That's working a treat! So I'm going to try to apply that concept to a lot of other things.

So the changes... I'm going to try to blog once a week at least... I might spend 5 minutes drafting a post and adding to it during the week. This post could contain everything from the dramas of the week, scrapbooking projects or even photos... it's going to be a mix of a few things.
Maybe doing it this way I might actually post regularly... what do you think?
I guess I could just give it a try and maybe get things back on track and get my head above water for a change instead of feeling like I'm drowning in things!

So I guess we're really up for a big catch up... I've had a few things going on from the high school ball, Anzac Day march, U17 hockey, braces off, school holidays (not that the 2 younger boys did anything!), work, scrapbooking... I guess just life in general!

So we'll start with Anzac Day!
Kristofer did me very proud! As part of the school council, he and his fellow student councillors ran the school assembly for the Anzac Day Service. Unfortunately due to work I couldn't be there but I did have someone who could take photos for me (thanks Dave).
Especially as Kristofer had the honour of laying the wreath and from what I was told he did a very good job!
And following on from that the councillors then marched on Anzac Day.

Also at the end of last term we had the ESHS School Ball for 2013, and Nicholas being in Year 12, this year he attended.
 I think he looked very handsome dressed up in his suit... My baby boy is all growed up!!!

So how's that for a quick catch ... there's still more to come with hockey, braces and also there's the scrapbooking too!

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