Monday, 13 May 2013

April CC

Told you I've been slack. I haven't even shared with you the layouts for the April Cybercrop for Chooks and this week we have May's Cybercrop.

But never late than never as they say...

These were all the samples for the challenges and this one below was for the DT challenge.

It's been a busy weekend with the hockey season starting, and I have Nicholas playing U17s and seniors, Kristofer U17s and Juniors and Jonathan in Juniors. Nicholas and Kristofer are both playing in the same U17s team which will be the first and last time as this is Nicholas' last year in U17s.
Makes for a busy day, but they all did well and all of them won their first games.

Also Gryfn has been quite sick this weekend and we've discovered it was his teeth, so he was into the vets this morning to get them cleaned up. So much for the Maine Coon biscuits which were meant to help prevent this from happening. He's very sore and sorry for himself and I'm still trying to get him to eat something.

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