Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Out of control

I get the feeling that this is as normal as it gets in this house. I keep waiting for things to slow down and have a chance to relax and I keep thinking that after this I will...
For some reason every time I get past one thing, there's always something else...
At the moment I'm organising the kids for back to school next week (I'm sorry but where did the school holidays go?), Nicholas is off to Victoria for fire brigade championships (and that's been interesting to organise as the only way he was going was if he was flying) and that same week I'm off to Perth.
I keep thinking that once that's all done, we'll be right and there's nothing more and I'll be able to relax for while, but I'm certain something will raise it's head.
I mean Nicholas see's the orthodontist Monday regarding his braces, and I'm sure they'll be off soon, and then there's Easter coming up fast, and the boys want their rooms redecorated...

But amongst all that has been happening I've kept up with the Photo a Day. I have just 1 more to take tomorrow and I can say I've completed a full month!
I think I will be continuing, maybe not a photo a day, but along similar lines. I might make it a treasure hunt once a week or if we have something special happening I might use the photo prompts to take photos of a different perspective.
The options are endless I think!

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