Saturday, 23 April 2011


I've finished my Childhood Album.
Well actually I finished it a few weeks ago, but I was going to do the journalling. Since then I've decided I might put the stories I remember into it's own companion album as this is pretty full. Well very full actually!
I will have to add a little journalling like dates, etc but I might just add them to the pages. Most will be guessed at as I don't have definate dates.
But that was the times I lived in. These photos were all taken off slides and go from 1968 through till I was about 8, so 1976.
I do have some more photos but not many. A lot of photos just weren't taken. I do have some school photos (horror of horrors) so I might add them to the companion album with the stories as most of the things I remember are from this time period, not from when I was little.

So here you go... a blast from my past!

Lots of pages isn't it!
Oh and the papers I've used are all from Basic Grey... I've had some 6x6 pads sitting here for ages and got to use them.


Marion said...

This is wonderful Toni. Are the pages 6x6"?

Toni said...

no marion, they're a custom size... I think 8.5 x 9

Beccy said...

Wow Toni, what a labour of love. Your album is just stunning and a gorgeous tribute to your youth and family. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the companion album.

Ceci said...

That is very special Toni, what a great job you have done. :)