Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Melody

This month Kaiser has brought out a third range... just papers and stickers, and even though at first look they are Christmas themed, the possibilities really are endless.

For example, I used the music notes side of the papers and created a mini album that is attached to a CD to showcase all of my favourite music.

This type of thing happens when you start sorting out your iPod playlist for your favourites... there's over a 1000 songs on my favourites list, so that got me to wondering which songs were special to me. Even then I found it very hard to narrow it down which means that there'll be more than 1 CD in the case... lol

But onto the album...

and the inside...

Why not duck over to the Kaisercraft blog and check out what the other girls have made!

1 comment:

Beccy said...

Wonderful album Toni, just beautiful. I really like how you have used the range of papers too.