Friday, 14 November 2014


Yeh my reasoning is it has been a very hectic couple of months!!!
And of course, because I mentioned it, the mojo ran away again... *sigh*

But we've had the Esperance Show, Mum and Dad were here for a visit and work has been flat out! Who would have thought people would want so many coffees????
And I've had a declutter, clean and reorganising of my studio....
Not a lot of reorganising, more just sorting out the paper into collections as it had all been mixed up, and getting rid of things I know I will never use.
But I decided to pick up some new baskets rather than the plastic tubs I did have and groups things together properly.
Another thing I have done, is sort out my 'colour centre' with all my stamps, inks, stains, paints and tools so they're all in 1 spot and easy to access.
I was going to make up a new stamp index, but I saw a suggestion for digitising them into Evernote, loved the idea and a couple of days later all of my stamps are now digitised, as well as my masks and stencils, stains, distress markers, colour washes and my new purchases - dies to go with my new BigShot... oops one happen to fall into my studio from somewhere... :)
I'm also slowly adding in sketches from PageMaps, and with everything labelled with any word I can think of to search for it should be easy to search through for something that will fit in with what I'm looking for!

And pictures... of course I have pictures...

My new Colour Centre...
Paints are still in the diamond in the middle, Stains on the left, Sprays on the right...
On the top of the bookcases I've run a piece of wood for a sehlf to hold my masks and stencils (in a letter holder), the holder for my distress markers, and my Big Shot.
In the bookcase on the left I have my dies on the top shelf, Stamps are all on the shelf in the middle (in numbered folders), and cloths in the basket at the bottom.
In the other set of shelves I have all my tools and inks, all within easy reach.

I still have my large shelves...nope they're not going anywhere! And my chipboard are still sorted into my drawers on the top. I haven't done anything with them as I like they way they are sorted, the same as my ribbon and flowers.
I've replaced the plastic tubs with the baskets as it does look better. All my BTP projects are still stacked at the bottom waiting to be sorted, though I'm finding it hard to consider getting rid of any of them.... Maybe I'll just do them and give them away...
The biggest declutter was all of my pattern paper and I now have a pile to give away. I have to say I was fairly ruthless, but still have plenty to play with.

One thing I did come across is an inspiration jar.... it's a jar with numbered sticks. The idea was to use them to complete unfinished projects but as I don't normally have them, I've instead set it up to use my stash more... stamps from a particular set, a sketch, a collection, or to do an BTP project.
I can update and change it as I use I've set the challenges up in Evernote. It's pretty my my personal challenge jar which I hope will help kickstart the creativity!

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