Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I shouldn't say it...

and fingers crossed it stays... but it seems my Mojo has made a return to the house!
I've managed 4 layouts in the past week... OMG!!!!
But shhh..... we don't want to scare it away!

So this week I've managed 2 singles and 2 doubles, so my to-do list for entries for the show has now been reduced...

And I'm actually very happy with the way they've all turned out and I haven't even purchased anything to complete them which is good. Slowly using my stash up.

And apart from these 4 layouts, I also managed to make another baby mini album, so that one's all set for when my niece has her baby.

So onto the next project... though really I should go and get the shadehouse all cleaned up...
But then... the Mojo is home!

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