Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop this merry-go-round...

please... cause I want to get off!!!
I thought life was mean to slow down and get easier at some stage, but it seems to be one drama after another.
February has passed in a haze, with a trip to Perth to visit a neurologist and for an MRI (no answers) and Nicholas off to Victoria for their State Fire Brigade Championships... and this all happened in the same week!
So needless to say, the only scrapbooking I did was what I had to get done, and there were no photos of the day taken!
As it is I'm still trying to get my head around things....

Nicholas did very well at the Victorian State championships, coming home with a 1st (4 man event) and a 2nd in one of the individual events!
His 4 man team came 3rd in dry work, and 3rd overall, and the whole Esperance team came 8th overall.
I think they did well!!!! Sadly though it was Nicholas' last championships as a Junior, and as he's doing TEE this year, he's not doing seniors.
But onto the hockey!!!

Chookscraps had their cybercrop the weekend I went away with the theme being surfing.
I can't remember what the criteria were, but here are my sample layouts...

And of course, we had a DT challenge...

The March CC is coming up so guess I had better get busy and get the samples done for that.
Unfortunately I've been playing in my studio and rearranging and sorting yet again! All because I wanted a 'wet' area for painting, etc. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
There was also things that I had never really sorted so I'm getting stuck into getting them all done...

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