Friday, 29 March 2013

Something different...

Since I've been tweaking my room, I decided I would actually get around to making a quilt to curl up under.
After looking around (alot) online, I decided a rag quilt would be the way to go... something quick and easy that I might just be able to manage considering I can't cut material straight!
In keeping with the shabby chic feel of my room, I've gone for pink, off white and a green rose fabrics.
Now after a lot of cutting (crooked squares!), sewing and then snipping of seams, I'm all finished.
It is 12 squares by 12 squares and works out to about 1.5 metres square. It's being held up by the youngest child!!!
I think the crooked squares add to the charm and the frays in the seams...

The back of the quilt is a pink and white check...
I've used 3 layers, cotton on the front and back with flannelette in the centre. Only because I couldn't find any flannelette in a pattern I liked.

And after cutting out the pink and white squares I decided on a different pattern before I cut the green floral, so I had squares left over. I've made cushions with these squares and still have some material left over to make some more but I will wait until I get new chairs for the scraproom first.
There are 4 cushions (1 is rectangular) and there's too many for my lone cane chair, but I figure when I get a larger cane chair to curl up in and read, and I get some more cane chairs for around my scrap table, there'll be enough!

I think I've done well for a first effort (but not sure if I will make any more!)

But yes, I can see me curling up under it on a cold winter night reading can't you?

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