Sunday, 26 August 2012

Birds on the wall

If you looked closely at the recent photos of my studio, you would have seen this new birdcage up on the wall.
It's the matching one for the one I did for Kaisercraft several months ago. I've used the same range of papers (Sweet Nothings), but this one is more the teals.

It's easy to add bling to your diecuts and also enhance the subtle patterns in paper using Kindyglitz....

I did find out when I put it on the wall that it won't hang straight with the bird stuck on... but then there's the wonders of bluetac! lol

I'm beginning to get my first classes underway. I've got the lesson notes all done, I just have to set a date. 
Of course, being the end of hockey season, relatives visiting, and not being well I'm trying to get it all juggled into place.
Hopefully I will decide the date shortly, but it looks like being the end of September unfortunately. If you're interested, drop me a line!

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Mrs Frizz said...

yup - blue tac is good ... lol.