Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Did you hear the silence???

Cause I did.... the kids are back at school and dh went off to work so I had the house to myself today and for the next 2 days!!!! This is why I took a week off work!
I love them.... but sometimes I really need the quiet!

So in my year of learning to relax what did I do today.... scrapped of course!!!

These 4 monthly challenges from Chookscraps...

This one had to have Blue, 2 photos and a reference to friendship

This challenge was based on the legend of the snowdrop, had to be on a white background, contain wings and a teardrop shape.

One of the sketches...

And a word prompt challenge... the word was sacrifice.

There's 3 more challenges and another sketch, so depending on what I feel like doing I might work on them tomorrow.

I hope everyone in Queensland stays safe.

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