Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Oz Day!

The boys and I have had a nice relaxing day.... went down to the markets this morning and bought some new fuchsias, then we visited mcdonalds and got an icecream and a coffee for me!
And then home and we've been watching movies all afternoon, while I've been tweaking my storage...

I now have a lovely ink shelf....

It worked really well. This was a wooden CD tower. I removed the black plastic strips that held the cd's and put it on it's side. Holds the larger ink pads perfectly.
I made the small boxes and they hold embossing powders, glitter and inking tools.
An old spice rack holds the colourwashes and glimmer mists.

And this is the whole top of my shelving units...

And with that I've been tweaking the embellishment storage and now it's all neat and tidy and labelled!

So with all of that, I've decided that my clip it up really doesn't work for me. Especially as Charlie Brown likes to play with anything hanging on it!
So I have it up for sale... a Base unit and tip tier, heaps of clips and dividers and some pouches.

So if you're interested, or know of anyone who is, just leave me a message and I will contact you.

And of course I have a couple of pics to share....

Charlie Brown who was going to go away with dh for work...

And my baby boy in his regal pose!

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