Sunday, 28 March 2010

A change...

Yes I decided it was time for a change.
With the imminent arrival of Gryfn (only a couple of weeks away now!!!) that I decided to change this blog from pictures to a record of my furbaby.
And in case you haven't heard, dh got a new furbaby too... a 4mo Tonkinese call Charlie Brown.
So it's going to be a very busy household here for a while I think... but it's going to be so very much fun!!!!

But here are the latest pics I have of Gryfn at 11 weeks....

And here are pics of his brother and sisters...Gryfn is the only tabby, the others are blacks and there is a smoke.

Gryfn was snipped and chipped last Thursday and he was also weighed, weighing in at just on 2kg, he's still the biggest kitten in the litter, being over 200g more than his brother or sisters!
Yes I'm a proud mumma!!!

And Charlie Brown...
He was born on December 1, 2009 so he's a month older than Gryfn. He's a purebred Platinum Mink Tonkinese...We weighed him on Friday (I was curious) and he's just over 2.1kg.
Just gorgeous...

He's keeping us on our toes.

Now just need dh to roof and net the cat run and we'll be all set!

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