Saturday, 27 March 2010


Yes this has been a week of beginnings....

First we welcomed DH's new boy... and no not a child! but a Tonkinese kitten.

We saw this little Tonkinese kitten on Wednesday at the pet shop, thought about it, went away, did some research, and then dh decided yes we needed to have him! lol
He's a Platinum Mink and we think he will work in perfectly with my Maine Coon boy when he arrives in 2 weeks... woohoo!!!
His name is Charlie Brown (yes we went through a few names before we settled on this one). He's always into mischief so it seems to suit him!

And I've heard about my boy... he's now 12 weeks old... has been desexed and weighs just on 2kg (yes thats 200g MORE than any other kitten in the litter!)
He will be arriving just after Easter and I can't wait!!!!

And the other beginnings...

MCDONALDS has opened up in town!!!!

Now most of you wouldn't think this would be anything major but for a town that's only really had Red Rooster for the 100 years, this is a BIG DEAL...!
So guess what we had for dinner tonight... yep Maccas!!! The kids loved it.

Now we just need KFC and this town would be

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