Sunday, 18 November 2007


Finally some scrapping happening here... lol... and no sorry... can't share... all secret santa stuff....But I do promise I will share when I'm allowed to.
But it's been fun.

And I also found time to rearrange my scrap room. Yes I'm anal about this and tend to do it every so often... as they say a change is as good as a holiday.
But now I have a bigger desk (I "borrowed" one of the tables we took camping) so now I have a desk that is 1.8m long.... gotta love that!
And I also bought a tv shelf unit that holds my KNK and printer. Works a treat actually.
So here is a collage of pics of my room... my space...

But other than that...not much else has been happening.
The votes came in for the Student Council elections for Nicholas's school and unfortunately he didn't get on the council.
BUT I am very proud of him for getting into the top 16 and for doing the best he could. It doesn't matter to me that he didn't get on the council... what matters to me most was that he tried. That was what made me very proud of him.

So life is back to normal now... Mum and Dad have headed off to Albany for a couple of days before heading off home. Sounds like they had an absolute ball and are already planning the next trip.
One day Danny and I might do that too... oh well....

back to reality tomorrow and back to work... hi ho hi ho off to work we go..... have a fun week won't you....

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Shazz said...

hey toni.....if i pay for your airfare will you come on over and arrange my scrapping space for me. DH is threatening all sorts of nasties if i don't get it cleaned up - it is in the corner of our bedroom - i guess he doesn't understand i need to be surrounded by
well done to your son on trying out for the student council. sometimes the victory is more in "having a go" than actually winning.
have a great tuesday xxoo

gailw said...

Hi Toni, love the look of your new re-arranged scrap room. Must feel like you have a whole new room..


Rebekkah said...

Hi Toni,
Love the newly re organised scraproom, it looks fantastic..everything so neatly organised.. sigh...if only i had the time..;)

Bek XX