Saturday, 3 November 2007

Sneak Peek....

Because Christmas is only 52 ... yes you heard correctly... 52 days away Jenny over at RJR has given us permission to share sneak peeks of the ribbon she sent the DT this month....
And because it was so gorgeous I started playing before I took a photo of the ribbon so I have a sneak peek of one of the projects I've done....

So if you're looking for some ribbon to add a touch of class to your Christmas presents, for you Secret Santa or just to increase your stash... head on over to Really Just Ribbons.
And if you're lucky Jenny still has the American Craft Ribbon on special... I think I left some in the shop... lol.. and don't forget to check out her off the page items too... they're gorgeous!

So what else has been happening... I've been the lovely Gayle S...
So here are 7 random facts about me...

1. I'm left handed.
2. I'm allergic to Penicillin.
3. I have never ever been out of WA (yes I've led a sheltered life!)
4. I've already booked into the Boxx retreat for next year woohoo!!!
5. I hate ironing with a passion... who would like to do mine??
6. I have a fear of spiders.... just those big huntsman things..... yuk!
7. I have a fear of meeting new people.... I'm so scared of making a fool of myself!

so now I have to tag 7 people.... ummmm.. ok... I'm going to cheat here... if you haven't been tagged yet... consider yourself tagged! :)

And also I won a Pay it Forward from the gorgeous Bec... so now it's my turn to Pay It Forward. If you leave a comment on my blog over the next 2 weeks I will put all the names in a hat (ok maybe a box...) and draw out 3 names to win something handmade from me, and then those 3 will have the opportunity to pay it forward to someone else. Now don't worry if you don't have a blog, you can always make a post on a forum and get 3 names from there to pay it forward.
This is a wonderful way of sharing the love!

Hope you all have a lovely day and feel better than I do (ruddy flu!)....
Luv 'n' hugs


Bec said...

*Hugz* honey. I didn't know you had the flu! :-( Hope you are feeling loads better real soon!!!

Love the sneak peaks there Toni!! Might just have to head on over to RJR and do some shopping soon! :-)

Love n Hugz

Chelle said...

Hope your feeling heaps better Soon Toni... that ribbon does look oh so nice huh..

I hear you're sharing a room with a big sook at the retreat.. best you take a box of tissue's for her haha

Rebekkah said...

Hey Toni

Sorry to hear youre not well :)
Hope youre feeling better soon...
That sneak peak looks ace Toni, might have to get some of that gorgeous ribbon !! :)

Tammy Templeton said...

I hope your feeling better soon Toni :) Love the sneaky peak ;)
Take care