Sunday, 23 September 2007

Yeh I'm slack...

but you get that.... but yes I have been one busy little vegemite.... honest!

Getting everything ready and packed for our holiday, work, home and all the general other things has meant that I have barely stopped. But I guess that's life.

I have managed to get some scrapping done... not much but some. I've started the journal for the lessons/challenges from Nic Howard's new book, so thought I would share that.

I've had this 7 Gypsies gate fold album here for about 2 years now and have finally found a use for it.

This is the cover. Kept it simple and it does look good irl...

And I've done 2 pages in it.

Nic's first lesson/challenge was to record the daily conversations around us and then scrap them. This one is about Kristofer's comments when he opened the card from his Nanna and Grandad for his birthday... 20 bucks....

I have a few more conversations to scrap too.... lol .... so watch out for them!

This is the 2nd lesson from the book. Scrap a daily routine... something that will probably change in the future.
So I scrapped something new in the house and that is The Bead System we've started with the boys.
Even though I've copped a bit of shit over it from people... commenting on how that's what the Indians got, etc, etc... it has actually worked a treat with the boys.
Suddenly I've gone from screaming and yelling every day to get the kids to sleep, or cleaning up their rooms, or even drying the dishes... to boys who are helping out at the drop of a hat, dry the dishes, go to sleep when they go to bed, are no longer arguing, etc, etc.
Ok... so it's probably not for everyone... but it has worked miracles in this house. Not even Danny can believe how well it's worked.
But here is the page.

And this one opens which explains the rules of the beads and how we started and what caused me to start it and the effect it's had.

Oh, how's this for cute... Just tucked the boys into bed, and Jonathan has tied a rope around Digby (his toy dog) and then looped it over a clamp Danny has holding the glue on the door together, and he said....
"There's a reason I've done that. In the middle of the night Digby gets scared of the dark and runs away and I can't find him. So I've tied him up.... "
Poor Digby. I will take a photo once the kids have gone to sleep. lol
Have to remember this one for the journal!

Went to the Scrap n Chat this arvo... got 4 layouts done which I'm really really happy with. Won't upload today because I still have the journalling to do on some of them.
It really is great to do nothing but sit and scrap for 4 hours with the girls.
No interruptions ... no Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
So thanks girls for the fun....

That's about it from me today. Have yourselves a great week and if I don't post again before I go on Holidays... think of me won't you... working hard relaxing on the beach doing nothing... lol.....
honest... cause that's what I'll be doing....

And don't forget to look for those magic moments... cause honest... they're there!

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Moira said...

Hi Toni, Just thought I'd pop in to say hello! The album looks great, and what's this about Indians and beads? I say if it works for you and the boys and you are happy, go for it!
Take care, Moi