Thursday, 13 September 2007

Happy birthday Kristofer

Yes, it's birthday time again...
Kristofer is now 7... the time that he and Jonathan are the same age each year is over with.... 3 weeks... oh well.

But it was a very quiet day for all of us.... Kristofer was really happy with his present.... he got a Cars tracksuit and pyjamas, the same as Jonathan. Now they'll really look like twins. And he got 2 workbooks for school on readying and phonics, a notebook I decorated for him and he got a Spiderman which in his words was cooooool.... he also got a hat I found for him... and on that was "I didn't do it!"... yes Kristofer all over.
And his favourite present... $20 bucks from Nanna... wow... 20 bucks... he said... lol

So here's the photo share... just 2 but...

But I think what he really need for his birthday was his 2 front teeth!

So that's about it here in this neck of the woods... so that's the end of the birthday's in here for another year. Next one is June for Nicholas'....

I haven't done much scrapping this week, I've been playing around baking cakes.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Jenny's little boy today.. I can't remember how hold he is but I hope he had a great day too Jenny.

So have yourselves a wonderful weekend won't you.

oh... and if you want to know why we haven't had celebrated my birthday this year...well I don't have one any more.... not since Kristofer inherited it from me 7 years ago
so I am forever 32!


Kim G said...

Happy Birthday Kristofer... and of course to you too Toni. I hope it was a good one and that you are celebrating in some manner for your special day too.

Kim xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and also to Kristofer. I hope he enjoys being 7. I hope you both had a great day of celebrations, fun and happiness.

I had a laugh at your previous blog post about Jonathan. I hope the hair grows back soon and he doesn't feel too silly.

Have a fun and safe week end. Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo