Wednesday, 4 July 2007

As promised...

Here are the rest of the layouts from the Boxx's cc on the weekend.

This one is about Jonathan... we had use a photo of a person, use their age and write that number of points on them. So totally love this layout and I love this set of photos of Jonathan I took. He's so photogenic.

This next one, we had to use brown, orange and blue and the theme was home.

This one was a quick one, we had about 2 hours to do it and had to use 4 photo corners.
This is a photo of Esperance Port at night I took ages ago for a photo challenge.

And this final one was for Zina's challenge... use doodling and stamping on a layout. So I stamped with the shot glasses like she showed us at the retreat. The photo is out of focus, but I loved the look on Jonathans face and wanted to keep the layout fun. Not sure if I really like it but hey, it's fun. lol

So that's all the layouts. 8 layouts in 2 days so I think that was pretty good.
We've got the Scrap Club on this Sunday so I'm trying to organise some photos for it. The last one was a ball so I'm really looking forward to this one. I've got a btp cube kit I got of Chelle last week, so I'm going to do that and I've got another couple of kits to do so hopefully that will keep me busy.

So have yourself a wonderful day tomorrow and I will catch you all later.


Jenny Boyd said...

Toni you have been a busy girl!!! I love the idea of doing a page on one person with their age and that number of points on it. I actually think it would be a good one to do on myself. May just have to borrow that idea!

gailw said...

Hi tones.... love those layouts, especially the one of your youngest at the window, that one is beautiful.... been to the dentist lately???? hehehehe

Gail :D

kylie said...

Hi Toni these lo look Fantastic especially Janelles challenge Im going to do one of those for each family member! Have a good weekend!
Happy scrappin!

Karen (Karooch) said...

Eight layouts in two days is pretty impressive Toni. I especially like the 5 things one. Blue and brown are such a great colour combo.