Saturday, 3 January 2015

And a New Year begins...

I didn't see the New Year in, but was up at 4am for work, so I headed down to the foreshore to see get a photo of the beginning of sun rising on first day in a new year.
I was hope for a spectacular photo of the sunrise but unfortunately there was misty rain around so this is the best I got. Even though I don't have the gorgeous colours of a sunrise, I do love the reflection on the wet pavement with the lights and the hint of the sun in the clouds. A good start really!

I guess with the start of the New Year, we're meant to have all of these New Year Resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, being a better person, blah blah blah... and really most of these are unrealistic, though the intentions are there. I don't think I've ever kept a New Year resolution for the full year and I've decided not to put pressure on myself to keep any either.
This year is about being happy with whatever I do and whatever the year brings.
Will I slow down... probably not! There's always something I want to do, and even more that needs to be done. I'll take those moments of quiet when I get them I guess and try to make the most of them!
I will probably look back on this post in 12 months and laugh... wondering what the hell I was thinking.
As someone said to me, As long as you wake up in the morning and can put one foot in front of the other it's looking good!
That sounds like a plan to me....

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and it brings them all they hope and wish for.

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