Sunday, 29 June 2014

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The time has gotten away from me... days, weeks and months.
Who realised it had been so long since I posted. Whoever said that I would have more time when I finished working at the Express lied... really lied! I don't think I've stopped in the last months.
And now I look back it's been nearly a year since I finished at the Express.
And life... it's busy!
The business has taken off in leaps and bounds.
I've survived the busy summer period at McDonalds, and now it's a little quieter in winter. But that said, I seem to always get the busy shifts (or someone knows when I'm on and they all come in!). But I've loved it and continue to do so...

The boys are being boys (of course...)

Nicholas is now 18 (I'm still trying to come to terms with that!), and he's all set to follow his dreams. The big news is he's been selected for the WA State Men's Country Team, heading off for the National Championships in Toowoomba in August.
And though he's having a gap year this year, next year he's heading off to Perth to uni to study Sport Science.

Kristofer has started high school... just need to get him to actually knuckle down and work. Not happy with his last report as he's not working to his potential. Just need to get it through to him. He's loving cadets this year, and making me proud there. Just got to get him to work harder at school.

Jonathan is in his last year at primary school and is Head Boy this year, and revelling in it.
Yes they're all growing up!

As far as scrapbooking there hasn't been much of that. I've done a couple of things, though mostly I've worked on this Bo Bunny mini album with the pocket pages.  Really quite simple to do, though it has taken me 6 months to get finished (and there's still a couple of little things to do to it I think...)
But anyway... enjoy

 Just a short glimpse of my boys growing up. I have another 3 albums to do like this... 1 each for the boys. It was originally going to all go into 1 album, but there was going to be too many pages!!!

I do have another couple of projects to share... 1 of which is a Tim Holtz clock I did which I love!!!!
Fingers crossed I can learn to start balancing everything I want to do with everything that I have to do...

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