Sunday, 11 April 2010

I've spent this weekend spending time with Gryfn, settling him in.
He has settled in really really well. Was a bit flighty for a while but with the kids running amok around the house that's not really very surprising.
For the first time right new he's sitting on my lap. He loves to be with me, especially sitting at my feet or next to me on my desk, but doesn't seem to like being cuddled a lot.
But that in itself suits me, as I'm usually busy doing something and I love the company without having someone or something always on top of me.
i was a bit worried for a little while about how much Gryfn was actually eating as he didn't seem to eat much at all, but it's settled down, and even though he is still eating only a little amount, he is eating. He's just not a pig like Charlie Brown!
I've also discovered that Gryfn likes bacon and also coffee... he had a sampling of my coffee yesterday morning but it was too hot this morning.

He loves to sleep on the bed with us, but at the feet... he doesn't need to be on top of me which is good. Sometimes he will curl up at the top of the pillow, but he's never gone to the kids beds yet.

Both Charlie Brown and Gryfn can't wait for the cat run to be finished. DH just has to get the roof done and it's all set for them to go out there.
I will just need to sort out some shelves etc for them to play around on, but I can at least let them out there without worrying about them getting out.

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