Monday, 3 March 2008

I've been just a tad slack

I have you know.... these layouts have been up on Jen's blog now for a little while, but me... no I've been a bit slack uploading them...

This first one I have to thank the gorgeous Gail for supplying me a photo of Beth. I just don't have too many little girl photos. Love the way this turned out. Very pretty.

And Jenny gave us some pretty soft pink felt, ribbon and daisy chain ribbon, so I covered this little notebook with the felt. Makes a pretty little book for a gift doesn't it.

But that's all I can share at the moment. I've done a few other layouts and projects, but I can't share them just yet.
I have done some layouts, but I will share them next time. There's a lot on during the week, and dh is complaining about the amount of time I spend on the puter and scrapping, so I guess I had better try to cut back just a little...

So until then take care and remember....
every day has it's magic moment... you just have to look for it!

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karenday said...

thanks so much for entering the comp on my blog!!! the SECRET NEWS is now not-so-secret so go check it out :D

the winner of the comp is also announced :)