Friday, 9 September 2011

So much happening....

and nothing to share....

It's been a very very busy week.... My scrap room was all packed up before last weekend for some french doors to go in leading from the old dining room into the garage, right where I used to be set up to scrap!

:( My scrap room all packed up....

I now have a hole in my wall, but not doors (thanks Bunnings!) they will be going in next week.

This was what it looked like to begin with. The freezers are staying in the garage, but I've moved them up near the roller door. But at the least, they're easier to access now!

But not having the doors hasn't stopped me from moving in though... lol

I still have heaps to do like the curtains, and dh needs to hang a set of shelves for me, but at least I've been able to scrap and get some projects finished I was half way through.

So I'm going to wait until I'm all finished with the set up and then I'll post good photos of the whole setup!

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Anonymous said...

You sure have been busy. All the little sneak peaks look lovely. I can't wait until you can show all the details of the finished projects.

Good luck setting up the new scrap area. I hope the doors arrive soon and you can get everything organised the way you need ASAP.

Have a fun and safe week ahead Toni. Love from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo