Sunday, 6 June 2010

I've been scrapping up a storm this week...

I've played around with some digital layouts...
This one for my childhood album

and this one of Jonathan I've done for the "Through the years" tin album...

I'm thinking it still needs something but... will have to think on it!

And I've scrapped some more pages for my favourite photos album

I still have one more to share, but it's too dark to take a pic!
It's been good just enjoying what I want to do with no deadlines. It's slowly putting the enjoyment back in my scrapping!

And no pics this week of Gryfn... he's in the bad books!
So far he's knocked my clock of my shelf and broken it, and yesterday when I brought inside a flowering orchid from the cat run, he decided to attack the flower and the buds.
So now it's up high where he can't reach! But of course he's already pulled off the one opening flower, and a couple of the buds and attacked some of the other buds. And of course both Gryfn and Charlie Brown never looked twice out of it when it was out in the cat run... it's just because I had brought it inside!

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