Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Some sad news...

Yes.. Jenny at Really Just Ribbons has announced that she is closing down her shop.
She will be welcoming a new addition to the family soon and has decided to spend her time focussing on her beautiful children.
I'm so sad to see her go and all the beautiful ribbons she had. And I have to thank Jenny so very much for giving me the opportunity to be on her Design Team. It was the first DT I'd been on and I had an absolutely wonderful time playing with the ribbons and I am going to so miss it.
But on the flip side... Jenny is having a closing down sale... so if your ribbon stash is looking a little bit sad head on over and get yourself a bargain!
I think I left some in the shop... lol
Thanks Jenny for such a wonderful time and all the best for your new addition.


Donna said...

OMG Toni ..what will you do !!lol..
hmm do I need more ribbon?? I amgetting overrun!! pmsl!!

kdtt4 said...

Hey Toni maybe you could do the ultimate addict move and BUY THE SHOP!!!! Go on...dare you! ;)

kel xox