Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The lo that missed out....

I thought I should share this layout... I did this one for the Scraptacular comp in the Kerrin Quall style.
It really was a hard choice an unfortunately this one missed out... but I still love this one...

So onto other things... it's been a bad week... very very bad week workwise. Everything that could possibly go wrong did yesterday and at one point we were looking very lucky to get the paper to the printers. But as normal, Dave and I did it and the paper came out on time. And of course... no thank yous from management either.

So what else... well I did a new stamp binder and I really love this one. Very simple, very cheap.
I bought some 3L file strips and used them to hold zip lock bags in the file and made up the binder for it.
Here are the pics....

I've stuck the stamps onto transparency sheets cut to fit the bags.
It works really well as the stamps won't fall out of the ziplock bags, and I can add as many as needed to fill the folder without it costing an arm and a leg.

So I guess I had better go scrap now... lol


Donna said...

Love that LO Toni... ANd you are a clever chookie wiht your stamp binder.. You could make me one too in all your spare time couldn't Oh well wishfull thinking!!

VintagePretties said...

Wow... this is soo cool! I love it - will have to "borrow" this idea :D